Whey Protein to Burn Fat

by tom harmey
(nsw australia)

well protein obviously burns fat itself so you have six 150gm protein snacks through out the day nothing else in between it or it will ruin your diet you only do this diet for 3 days and its guaranteed success

arnie used this in his body building days


How can Whey Protein Burn Fat?

It has constantly been noted that in order to burn fat, we need to control our diets, as well as exercise adequately. Whey protein has been a promoted as a dietary supplement to help in weight loss and to help build muscles for those that are so inclined. Whey is a protein rich supplement that is made of proteins to a large extent and also minute quantities of lactose, fat and minerals.

Whey protein can help the body to burn fat because of the way proteins work in the body. These are the different mechanisms by which it works;

Whey protein increases the body’s metabolism

The body needs more energy to digest proteins than any other food group. This therefore means that if you have a good quantity of whey proteins in your diet, the body will be forced to work more in order to digest the proteins content in the diet. This therefore leads to an increased metabolism, and without any other readily available food source, the body will digest the fat stores in the body in an attempt to provide energy for the process.

Whey protein can help reduce the feeling of hunger

One of the principal components of whey protein is glycomacropeptide which stimulates molecules in the brain that suppress the feelings of hunger. This is beneficial in preventing you from over eating, and is best when it is taken during your lunch hour as a shake. Therefore your body will have less food in the body to digest, and will need to burn the fat stores to provide energy.

The presence of whey protein in the body also lowers the absorption of glucose in the body. This has the effect of lowering the insulin levels of the body which also has the effect of reducing the effect of hunger, meaning that you will be supplying your body with less food, which means that the body will burn the stored fat in the body.

How to use whey protein effectively for weight loss

In order to burn fat effectively and to lose weight adequately for weight loss using whey proteins, we must make sure we have a regular intake, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It is preferable to take it about 15 to 20 minutes before meals so that it suppresses hunger and prevents you from eating too much.

Moreover it can be used as a pre exercise drink and also as a post exercise drink in order to keep the muscles in good form, and maintain a lean body mass of the muscles.

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