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"Importance of Exercise is seen both in Health and Fitness.

Exercise is an integral part of weight loss, getting fit and living a high energy life".


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Exercise is Not for You Ha?

There is a common belief that exercise is something for people who are overweight. It is viewed as something you do when you want to lose some pounds.

What many people fail to realize is that exercise is for everyone. It is for those who are overweight and those who are at a normal weight.

It is for young and old, children and seniors. Exercise is really for everyone and it is something that everyone needs in their life.

Exercise does many things for your body. It is true that it does help your body burn calories and so it does aid in weight loss, but people who are trying to lose weight are not the only ones who can benefit from exercise.

There are many more benefits that exercise has to offer. These benefits are something that everyone can appreciate, even if you have no desire to lose weight.

Looking Good

Perhaps the easiest benefits to understand about exercise are the physical benefits. Physical benefits of exercise include weight loss and increased muscle tone.

Most people who exercise do so to improve the way they look. They are exercising to reduce the amount of body fat they have and to increase the amount of muscle they have. Through different variations of exercises these goals can be reached. The benefits of exercise go far beyond just the external, though. In fact, the best benefits of exercise lie inside your body.

More To Exercise Than Just Big Muscles and Skinny Jeans

Exercise is amazing for the body. It does so much for your body that it is like a miracle drug.

It aids in maintaining a healthy weight, increases circulation, increases metabolism, helps the muscle get strong and it even has calming effects on the brain. Exercise is something your body needs and something that it craves.

Our bodies were not designed to sit behind a desk or the wheel of a car all day.

The sad truth is that those things are what most of spend the majority of our day doing. Our body was designed for movement. It was designed to be kept busy and to be challenged. The body is really a unique and interesting thing.

When you exercise you are working one of the most important muscles in your body - the heart. You may not be able to see it working, but you feel it.

Exercise and Your Heart

When you exercise your heart rate increases. It is being challenged. It has to work harder. Of course, you don't want this to go on for too long, but when you exercise regularly your heart muscle will become stronger and it will be able to withstand more and more challenging exercises.

This is why over a period of time you can stand to start working out longer and harder. This is also what happens with the other muscles in your body.

Exercise and Stress

Exercise also will help you to relieve stress. With life so busy these days it is very easy to let stress get the best of you. Exercise is a natural way to burn off stress and actually relax the body. It will benefit you in many ways to get rid of stress, both physically and mentally.

Exercise makes you healthier. It gives the immune system a natural boost. This means you get sick less often so you are healthier. It also makes your cardiovascular system stronger which reduces your likelihood of suffering from heart disease or other cardiovascular problems.

Exercise and Losing Weight

Losing weight from exercise will reduce your chances of developing diabetes, too. Exercising as you get older will also help you to avoid problems with joints and ligaments. It could also be a great way to ward off arthritis problems.

Exercise makes you feel better in general. It helps you to get rid of frustration and stress. It also makes you feel better about yourself because you are able to lose excess weight and get the body that you have always wanted.

Exercise and Energy in Life

One last thing exercise does for you, it makes you feel energized. When you exercise your body is woke up and you are pumped full of natural hormones that boost your energy levels.

When You Don't Exercise

As you can see there are a nice range of benefits that come from getting regular exercise. However, for some people it is not enough to hear about all the great things that come from exercising.

Some people think that because they are skinny or that they can eat whatever they want without gaining a pound or because they are healthy that they just do not need to exercise. That is untrue and could actually be a dangerous way to think.

Weight Gain is a big problem

When you don't exercise you are not doing your body any good. An unhealthy diet still harms your body even if it does not cause you to gain weight.

When you fail to exercise regularly you are not giving your heart the workout it needs. You are not strengthening your muscles or working your joints. Eventually, when you are older you will start to see the effects that not exercising has had on your body.

It is a huge mistake to not realize the importance of exercise. Everyone needs exercise. Everyone needs to get their body moving and to give it a good workout on a regular basis.

Your health depends on it. You don't want to wake up in 30 years wishing you had just taken that daily walk when you were younger because you are too weak to do it now.

The Solution - Make Exercise Fun

Exercising can be fun. Try new activities. Play a sport or take up a hobby like dancing or kickboxing. Make exercise something you enjoy and you will be more likely to want to keep doing it. It is never too late to get started either. Exercise is for everyone.

The key is finding an exercise you like to do and just sticking with it. In the end, you will feel happier, healthier and look better just because you exercised. Recommends - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

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