30 Minute Workouts - 30 Minute Workout Plan to Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Effective 30 Minute workouts can help you burn fat and gain muscle at the same time

Apart from the fact that exercise organizations like American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) suggest that 30 minute workouts done 3 times a week help greatly reduce cardiovascular diseases, properly done 30 minute workouts can help you burn abdominal fat, gain lean muscle and get fit for life.

In this article you will find 30 Minute Workout Plan to Melt Fat, Build Muscle and Get a Lean Body.

Also I will include Cardio Workouts, At Home Workouts and Strength Training Workout Routines.

Inside This Article

-30 Minute Workouts. An Introduction to what's Possible
-30 Minute Cardio Workouts
-30 Minute High Intensity Workout to Build Muscle and Strength
-30 Minute Cross Training Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Mass.

30 Minute Workouts. An Introduction to what's Possible

30 minute workouts are ideal ways for you to burn fat and build lean muscle.

These workout sessions will also help you become more cardiovascularly fit so that you increase your metabolism and make more efficient use of oxygen intake, meaning that you keep off that fat and you have higher energy levels.

30 minute workouts require a lot of discipline, and to get the results you want you should do one at least four days per week.

Five days per week would be even better. Now, 30 minute workouts are best suited to rather athletic people. If you have been a "sloth" for many years or never were into playing sports, you don't want to start off with 30 minute workouts because you could really harm yourself.

But, if you played sports in a serious way in a "previous life" and now you aren't happy with the way you look and feel, or if you have always been rather physically active and now you want to take yourself to the next level, 30 minute workouts are ideal for you.

Remember, you will need to be mentally tough to do these workouts.

You will need focus, determination, and discipline.

Let's look at a few different routines. (Keep in mind, too, that you want to do different routines on different days. Don't get stuck in the same routine or else you won't fully develop the way you want to.

Furthermore, doing the same routine over and over is a good way of becoming bored and losing focus. Keep things fresh and intense.)

30 Minute Cardio Workouts

This is a cardiovascular workout. It can be done in a few different ways as long as you go for 30 minutes.

*Start off with a five-minute rope-skipping session to warm up. Or, if you prefer, warm up with a slow one-mile run (not a jog).

*Run for 25 minutes. You want to try to cover four miles in that time, but if you can only do three at first that's alright. Again, don't jog.

*Alternative to the above: Run for a 10 minute warm up. Then, do stair climbing for 10 minutes, or do sprint work for 10 minutes. Finish up with a 10 minute slow run (not a jog) or 10 minutes of skipping rope.

Notice that this is not a workout that directly utilizes much of the upper body. However, the intensity of it will burn off that fat and get your heart and lungs into great shape.

Your metabolism will be fired up and, as long as you eat right, you'll build some lean muscle from this routine as a result.

30 Minute High Intensity Workout to Build Muscle and Strength

Now this is what is known as a HIT (high intensity training). This is a serious strength training routine and it can be "cruel".

Now, this workout is a standard HIT workout, which follows a sports science protocol to achieve maximal effect. With this routine you'll burn away fat plus build new muscle.

For the HIT you do one set of six to 12 reps. The exercise set you are doing consists of a multi-joint movement.

Some people think you should do these with machines, but in fact it's best if you just use free weights or some form of body weight resistance exercise.

Please note: don't use light weight for this. Light weight is defined as any amount of weight that you can do at least 15 reps with without rest. Use an amount of weight that will challenge you and overload your muscles within six to 12 reps.

Here is the formula:
- 6-12 reps will be accomplished- Each rep must take 2 to 3 seconds to get to top point, or maximal point of lift- Hold for a 1/2 second pause at top - 3-4 second negative rep to bring back to starting position, or bottom- Hold for 1/2 second pause at bottom before repeating

The important keys here: you have to use perfect form, which means you may need to watch videos or talk to an instructor before you do these; and, your final rep should be utterly killer. You should barely be able to do it. This routine is designed to take you to & "failure".

Note: this is clearly not exactly a 30 minute workout. But, the sheer intensity can make it feel like one. If you want the full 30 minutes, warm up first with some cardio, or try to do two sets (using two different multi-joint movements).

30 Minute Cross Training Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Mass.

This will be a sample workout of a total cross-training 30 minute workout.

*Kettlebell lifts. Use what for you are light or medium weight amounts (you can do 10 to 15 reps before needing a pause).

You want to select two to three different lifting exercises and do each one in succession without pause. Take a one-minute break when all done, then repeat the entire set. Do this for ten minutes.

*Medicine ball routines. Take the same approach as with the kettlebells--that is use two to three different exercises and string them all together without pause. 10 minutes.

*Skip rope for 10 minutes.

Here you have a good set of sample 30 minute workout routines that will really shed the unwanted fat and be able to build you some solid lean muscle.

Remember that you also need to be on a good diet for maximum effect and so that you don't end up hurting yourself.

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