Fat Burning Exercises - Fat Burning Workout Plan

No need to do 97 useless exercises every week.

Do these 7 Killer Belly fat Burning Exercises and see results in 4 weeks. Give your efforts and get the results.

Why these Belly Fat Burning exercises are so effective?

There are hundreds of exercises to lose belly fat but most isolation moves do next o nothing to help you lose weight.

In choosing these 7 exercises, I took into consideration the best total body moves which will burn maximum calories, target major muscle groups and help you gain muscle mass too.

So here are my top 7 Belly Fat Exercises and a Killer 4 Week Exercise Program to help you lose 5 pounds in next 4 weeks. Take My challenge to burn Fat and Build a Lean Body.

Top 7 Belly Fat Burning exercises

1. Bodyweight Squats
2. Bodyweight Push Ups
3. Pull Ups
4. Free or Dumbbell Squats
5. bench press / Shoulder Press
6. Deadlifts
7. Crunches or Planks

Over the next 4 weeks your goal is to train 3 times per week, performing these exercises in sequence 3 sets of 10 repetitions for weighted exercises and 3 sets to failure for bodyweight exercises with a rest of 60 to 90s in between sets.

You can variations for the 7 best exercises

1. Bodyweight Squats - You can use Hindu Squats as an alternative.

2. Push Ups - Use Hindu Push ups or declined push ups

3. Pull Ups - Try assisted ones or chin ups.

4. Squats - Try Sumo squats or even lunges

5. Bench press - Try dumbbell bench press or dumbbell flys

For Shoulder press - Try Arnold press or push press

6. Deadlifts - Barbell or dumbbell deadlifts can be used.

7. Crunches or Planks as described

Over the next 4 weeks I will assume that you will be eating clean, 2 meals and 2 meal replacements. If you are confused then try eating as per  Burn the Fat program or try ready made plans from Meal Plans101.

Inside This Article

-Are You serious about Fat Loss?
-How Exercise Burns Fat
-Common Fat Burning Exercises
-Never Overlook the Value of Diet

Are You serious about Fat Loss?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and worried about the weight you are carrying. If so, you are like many scores of people in the world.

You may have a little excess fat on your frame and you have concerns regarding how to reduce the weight you carry. This is understandable.

No one wants to carry excess weight and a process to reduce such weight is most definitely important. However, there needs to be a means in which to engage in the process.

This is where the classic method of dropping weight comes into play.

This method is, of course, engaging in a simple exercise process.

Some might be a bit underwhelmed at the revelation that exercise is required to burn fat. Do we not already know this?

Well, we may have a basic understanding of the concept of exercise as a fat burning method, but we might not know the specifics associated how exactly exercise burns weight.

To gain a better understanding of the process, a detailed look at how exercise burns off stored fat.

How Exercise Burns Fat

What is stored fat? Stored fat is calories that have not been burned. When you eat you are ingesting calories for the sole purpose of procuring energy.
Whatever calories you do not burn through performing some activity that burns the calories by using them as an energy source will be stored as fat. That is just the way the body works.
So, when you want to target that stored fat you have accumulated, you will need to take part in some method of burning off the fat. This will be commonly achieved by employing any type of low, medium, or high intensity exercise program.

One pound of stored fat is the equivalent to 3600 stored calories. That means if you want to drop 20lbs, you need to burn off 72,000 calories.
Yes, that sounds like an enormous amount but it can be achieved by burning off 2800 calories a week for six months. No, that does not even remotely sound like a plan for losing a ton of weight overnight.

There is a reason for this: you do not want an exercise program that seeks to eliminate 20lbs in a month because such programs really do not exist. No, you want a means of losing weight via exercise that is safe, sane, and gradual.

Now, it really does not matter which particular exercise you employ as they will all burn calories.

Of course, some exercises will burn more calories than others.

For example, cross country skiing will definitely burn more calories than walking. And exercising 5 days a week at high intensity will burn more calories per week than three low intensity workouts.

However, never lose sight of the fact that the three low intensity workouts will burn fat. Low intensity workouts are valuable and that is why they should never be overlooked.

The key is to find an activity that you like, take part in it, and be consistent. This will certainly aid in delivering on the intended result of burning fat and getting into great shape.

Common Fat Burning Exercises

Of course, in order to put fat burning exercises to work you need to settle on a number of exercises that can deliver the desired result.

Thankfully, there are so many fat burning exercises available that there will never be a lack of methods to employ to lose weight.

For illustrative purposes, a few common strategies for burning fat via exercise are provided to be examined for illustrative purposes.
One of the most basic of ways of dropping weight in a relatively short period of time is to take part in interval training.

Interval training entails mixing low, medium, and high intensity workouts in the same session to boost calorie burning while not maintaining an exclusively high intensity workout throughout the entirety of the session.

Here is a way this can be done:

Visit a basketball court and shoot ten hoops. Then walk to the other side and shoot ten hoops. After doing this, you would jog to the other side of the court and shoot ten hoops.

And, when you are done doing this, you would sprint to the other side of the court and shoot ten hoops. Do this for a half an hour and watch the fat melt away.

You could substitute any type of cardio exercise here but the key is to mix low, medium, and high intensity workouts. This will deliver a positive weight loss result.

An even simpler strategy to employ is to simply to mix three days a week of a basic mass building weight lifting program and then three days where one hour is spent with one hour of cardio work.

This hour of cardio work could be pretty much anything you wish. You could spend an hour taking part in an aerobics class, a kickboxing lesson, or really anything else that gets the heart pumping and the calories burning.

Never Overlook the Value of Diet

Exercise alone is not always efficient for its ability to burn off fat. Sure, it will burn fat but it also needs a little help from a better diet. So, you need to cut out all the bad food choices you may be making that are loaded with fats, sugars, and empty calories.

Stick with healthier and lighter food choices and try to reduce your daily calorie intake. This will certainly boost your potential to lose weight and get in great shape.

Look at it this way: if you cut out 500 calories out of your diet per day, you will eliminate 1lb of stored fat per week.
When you add the burned calories from your exercise program, you will find your weight loss potential to expand even further beyond what you thought possible.
And you might end up with a physique that you did not think you could possible ever develop which is also a good thing.

Fat burning via diet and exercise is not a complicated process. You just need to go about it in the right manner and success will be achieved.

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