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Workout Routines for Toning to Tone your Upper Body, arms and Legs Now.

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Tone of Bulk, What do you want?

When it comes to getting in shape in the gym, most people are not all that interested in bulking up. That means they are not interested in mass building workouts as much as they are interested in programs that help tone the muscles.

The difference between a mass building workout and a workout that entails toning the muscles is significant. As such, clearly defining such differences is mandatory in order to arrive at the proper workout program to deliver the desired result.

On the most basic of levels, a toning workout is one that is designed to promote a lean and defined physique.

That means the ripples of the muscles become highly visible thanks to a series of exercises designed to promote the shape and tonality of the muscles. Are these exercises difficult to perform?

Actually, the process of toning the muscles is much easier than most people realize. All that is needed is a desire to put forth the proper effort required to achieve the desired results. The following is an in depth look at how this can be done.

The Basic Tips Required for Successful Toning Routines

The key to a toning routine is to follow a three-pronged process. That process is the effective mix of weight training, cardio work, and proper diet. And no, none of these steps are difficult to succeed with.

You just need to know the proper way to go about the process.

When it comes to toning exercises, you will need to take part in lifting low weights with very high repetitions.

That means you would put a very light amount of weight that is easy to handle and then lift the weight with a much higher number of repetitions than would be required with mass building exercises.

For example, a biceps curl for mass would be performed with 40lbs at 8 - 10 reps. Those looking to tone the biceps would be better served with lifting 10lbs of weight for about 15 - 20 reps. This will burn calories while engaging the muscles in such a way they become stronger and more defined without adding bulk.

A toning exercise routine would be better served performing mostly isolation exercises. That is, you want to stick with exercises that primarily target one or two muscle groups vs. a series of muscles.

Leg extensions, shoulder raises, calf raises, and crunches would all be examples of isolation exercises. This is not to say you completely avoid performing compound exercises in a toning program but they are primarily exercises designed to be employed in a mass building exercise program.

And you cannot develop toned and defined muscles if you have a layer of fat covering the muscles. This is why proper cardio work and a decent diet are so necessary.

These extra steps will aid in developing the ripped and defined look required for a toned physique.

For those interested in sample exercises, here are a number of routines designed for toning:

A Complete Body Toning Workout

Such a workout would require hitting the entire body in a number of ways. The best way to do this would be to perform a cross training program which would hit the entire body in a number of ways.

Here is a sample exercise program of this nature that can be performed twice a week:

20 minutes of treadmill, stairmaster, or exercise bike cardio.
3 sets of ten repetitions designed to perform two handed kettlebell swings with very light weight.
3 sets of ten repetitions designed to perform alternating one-handed kettlebell swings with very light weight.
2 sets of pushups that are performed at ten reps.
10lbs on a barbell for 15 reps bent leg dead lifts performed in a slow and controlled manner.
15lbs on a barbell for 15 reps of reverse behind the legs hack squats.
Perform alternating shoulder raises with 5lbs dumbbells for 15 - 20 reps.
Perform overhead triceps extensions with an extension bar with 10lbs on it Arm Toning Workout
Since the arms are not comprised of a lot of muscles, you do not need to & hammer them with a lot of different exercises.

The following exercise performed once or twice a week can deliver excellent results.

5 sets of biceps dumbbell curls performed for 15 reps with 5lbs.
3 sets of triceps dumbbells kickbacks with 5lbs for 20 reps.
4 sets of reverse grip forearm barbell curls with 20lbs for 15 reps.
3 sets of Biceps concentration curls with 5lbs for 10 reps.

Ab Toning Workout

Here is the main problem with working out the abs. They are resistant to workout stress which means they need to be performed at least every other day and with high reps. So, here is a common workout that does not vary in terms of performance as much as it varies in terms of the actual exercises.

50 - 100 reps of crunches.
50 - 100 reps of bicycle crunches.
25 - 50 reps of leg scissors.
25 - 35 reps of leg presses.
15 - 20 reps of alternating side bends.
Leg raises about 5 inches off the ground that involve holding the position for 2 minutes.

Workouts for the Legs and Buttocks

Working out the legs and the buttocks are generally performed by any exercise that engages the lower body. As such, some of the previously mentioned exercises can aid in developing these muscle groups.

Leg Squats with or without weights. With weights, use 10lbs on a barbell for 10 reps and 4 sets. Without weights you can perform 4 sets of 25 - 50 reps.

Lunges can be performed with or without a barbell. Those looking to tone the muscles probably would be best served not using a barbell. Specifically, 2 sets of 25 alternating reps will deliver the desired results.

4 sets of 15 reps on a leg extension device will definitely impact the tonality of the front quads significantly.

Leg raises about 5 inches off the ground that involve holding the position for 1 minute.

Yes, there are many different type of exercises that go into the process of toning the muscles. However, the end result of such an expansive program may prove to be more effective than most people believed possible. Recommends Turbulence Training  - Quick Fat Burning Workouts

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