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Simple chair/desk exercises you can in office or home

Looking for simple exercises to do at work? The commonest problem people who work on the desk jobs have are backaches and obesity.

In this article you will find simple ways to stretch, do some resistance training and be pain-free for a fit, flexible life and Body.

Chair and Desk Exercises to Improve Mobility. Build Muscle Strength and flexibility all while you be seated in a chair or at your desk.

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-My Top 10 Simple Chair Exercises
-No More Excuses for Not Exercising Now
-Out of the Chair? Try These Bodyweight Exercises

Below are some examples of simple exercises that anyone can do at their desk or while in any chair.

1. Muscle Contraction

Even though you are sitting at your desk, you can work on those important muscles.

Isometric muscle contractions are used by advanced athletes too. Don't under-estimate this exercise. It build strength period.

Pull your gluteal and abdominal muscles and hold that position for fifteen seconds. Go ahead and release that hold and then repeat it. You will want to do this off and on all day long.

2. Biceps Curl in the Chair

Lets get your arms rolling first.

Pick any heavy object like a bottle of water, a heavy book or a jug of water and curl your arms.

You can do one arm at a time.

Make sure your abdominals are tight, back straight and the weight not too heavy.

Do 10-15 repetitions before repeating the other side.

3. How to perform chair dips

This is an excellent arm exercise building functional muscles.

This exercise requires a sturdy chair for supporting your body.

Place your hands on the edge of the chair and lower yourself on the floor with knees bent.

From this bottom position push with your hands to raise yourself off the floor until your arms are extended.

Repeat as many as possible.

4. Abdominal Twists

Sit comfortably on a chair with both feet on the floor.

Cross your hands in front of you or hold any object like a bottle of water of book in front of you.

Twist at your trunk/torso to the right and then to the left for as many repetitions as possible.

This is a good lower back and abdominal exercise.

5. Inner thigh squeezes

These are performed sitting comfortably in a chair with your legs together.

Place an object like towel between your legs and squeeze your legs together.

Release every 2-3 seconds before repeating about 10-15 times.

6. Bodyweight squats, lunges and push ups

Do not forget bodyweight exercises which you can do before lunch or tea at the office.

Exercises like push ups, bodyweight squats and lunges are very, very effective for functional training.

7. Leg Extensions

Start by making sure that you have your tailbone firm against the backing of the chair. Hold on to the armrests and while you look ahead you will want to lift your right leg up slowly and pull your toes back towards your shin. Hold this for a moment and then you can release it and do the same movements with the other leg. Repeat this throughout the day. It will not only get your legs in shape but it will help to keep circulation going well in your legs.

8. Butt Lifts

This is a simply one and one you might already do to switch positions in your chair. Place your hands on the arms of the chair and use your arms to lift you buttocks off of the chair.

Try to hold that position for five seconds and then lower yourself down but do not let your bottom hit the seat just yet.

Get as close as you can without touching and hold that position for a couple of seconds and then you can release.

Do this ten times in a row and do a set of ten a couple times a day.

9. Desk Pulls

This exercise will help to strengthen your back and your biceps.

Simply hold on to the edge of your desk and then push your desk chair back until you reach the point where your arms are on either side of your head and you are looking straight at the office floor.

Pull yourself slowly into your normal position. Work on a set of fifteen of the desk pulls. You can repeat the set of fifteen two or three times a day.

10. Forearm Workout

Purchase an inexpensive hand gripper at just about any store that sells fitness equipment. Whenever you find yourself reading something long or doing anything that does not involve using your hands a lot, you can squeeze the gripper.

11. Fidget

Our visitor submitted this tip. This may not sound like a lot of exercise but you can really burn off a lot of calories simply by fidgeting at your desk. Tap your fingers, tap your feet or do just about anything. As long as you are moving, you are burning calories - it does not matter what you are doing

Choices are Many

As you can clearly see, there are many different exercises that you can do throughout the day while you are sitting in your desk chair. Even when you are sitting in a chair at home, you can exercise without having to get up and grab a workout tape.

You do not have to jam to the oldies to get into great physical shape, you just need to keep moving. Stretch when you can stretch and move when you can move.

The more you try to do little things to improve your health and your physical appearance, the easier it will become for you. Before you know it, you will be so pumped and excited that you will find yourself making time for some more intense exercising.

No More Excuses for Not Exercising Now

There are many things that you have to do in life. One of those things is to make sure that you are getting in enough exercise. It is not only good for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.

One of the biggest problems people have is a lack of time. Believe it or not though, you really do not need two hours a day at some fancy membership gym in order to get in shape.

If you spend all day at a desk job, you might think that you are destined to be a little over weight, after all, isn't that what most people assume?

While it is hard to maintain a perfect physique when you are sitting at a desk for forty hours a week for work, then probably spending a little time on the couch for some relaxation and then of course you sleep throughout the week.

Where is the time for the exercise?

The best thing that you can do is to multi-task. You probably already do this all day long for work but you do not include exercising in with your multi-tasking duties.

Even though you might not think so, you can get a fairly decent workout, all while sitting at your desk. You simply have to know exactly what to do and how often to do it.

The trick is not hard and anyone can do it. Start putting some desk or chair exercises into practice and you will find yourself physically fit before you know it. Recommends - Workout Without Weights Ebook

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Common Chair/Desk Exercises Questions and Answers

Can you use a wobble board under desk to exercise?
The wobble board can be used under your desk at work in order to promote "active sitting".

How to exercise at a desk?
There are many ways to exercise at your desk. You can light small weights while using a headset for the phone or do several leg exercises.

What kind of exercises can I do at my desk?
The best kinds of exercises done at your desk are that of leg stretches and exercises.

Exercises to do at work while sitting at desk?
Leg raises are excellent exercises to do while sitting at your desk. Not only do this help burn calories and to tone the leg muscles, but you will help keep the blood circulation flowing well.

Exercises you can do at your desk to burn fat?
The seated row and the pec squeeze are great exercises for burning some fat while sitting at your office desk.

Chair exercises to do at work?
Take some small weights to work and you can do some dumbbell curls while you have a little free time at the desk.

Exercises to do sitting at your chair?
The seated crunches is a great workout for your abdominal muscles.

Exercise chair that will strengthen legs?
The leg curl exercise is a great exercise in order to make sure that you are able to strengthen your legs while you get some work done at the office.

Exercise when confined to chair?
Sitting leg extensions is a great exercise for when you are confined to a chair for a long period of time. In order to make the workout a little more intense, you could always add ankle weights.

How to use an exercise ball as a chair?
Replace your chair with an exercise ball. Do make sure that it is the best size possible in order to comfortably reach the desk. Make sure that you are keeping balance on the ball for the entire day.

What is a captains chair exercise?
The captains chair exercise is an exercise where you raise the knees into a position where they are almost touching the chest.

Exercise you can do in the office?
The best exercises done in the office are right from your own chair. However, laps around the office on your breaks is another great way to get in some exercise.

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