3Day Workout Routine - 3 Day Workout Routine

3Day Workout Routines to Build Muscle, Lose Weight and get fit. Use these 3 days a week workout routines to get in shape in your busy life.

Looking for 3 Day Workout Routine to Lose Weight?


Looking for 3 Day Workout Routine to Build Muscle?

Yet there's so much disinformation out there regarding health and fitness that it's confusing. Which workouts work and which ones don't?

First of all, the workout routines  all depend on your goals.

Second, you must workout with intensity and you must use proper form. The following is a set of two workouts. One of them is designed to help a person lose weight. The other workout is for those who find themselves a little on the small side and wish to gain some bulk.

It must be said that in order to lose or gain weight, you must do more than workout.

You must eat correctly. Eat more to gain weight  and eat less to lose weight.

Eat good foods, not fried or processed foods, and drink plenty of water.

Do that and the following exercises three days per week and you'll reach your goal in no time.

Gaining Weight 3 Day Workout Routine

As a Bodybuilder or skinny teenager, you desperately work out in order to grow to bigger proportions. You workout just as hard as the overweight fitness practitioners do; and they do everything you can to reach their goals.

Use the following workout in conjunction with the Exercise Database  to learn best technique.

1. To gain weight, lift heavy and slow.

2. Do bench presses or barbell presses, dumbbell shoulder presses, chest flyes followed by laying down triceps extensions.

3. Do squats and lunges with weights, do calf raises and workout your abs using weights as well.

4. Finally, do as many bent over rows as you can. Do three to five sets of this or until you can't do anymore. If you lift heavy, go slow and eat heavy as well, you will gain weight.

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That's all it takes to lose or gain weight. Do these workouts, watch your eating and you'll find yourself looking in the mirror with pride because you'll finally have reached your goal.

Losing Weight 3 Day Workout Routine

If you wish to lose weight, and you want quick results, you want to go hard and fast.

That means doing an aerobic/anaerobic workout. That means you're going to work out with lighter weights (not too light, but just light enough that you can do multiple reps quickly while still feeling the burn), and doing compound exercises one after another.

Try to get a minimal amount of rest between sets. At the end of this workout, 3 days per week, if done correctly with good form, you'll find yourself worn out and sweating profusely; which is what you want: to burn calories while also building muscle.

Use the following workout in conjunction with the Exercise Database  to learn best technique.

1. To begin, do as many pushups as you can do, followed by barbell presses.

2. Then do shoulder presses.

3. Do dumbbell arm curls followed by overhead triceps extensions.

4. Do bent over back rows followed by squats. Then do one arm rows and then lunges.

5. Then, do your abdominal exercises right before you jump up and do calf raises holding barbells in your hands. Do as many sets as you wish, resting very little between sets.

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