10 Minute Workout - Workouts to Blast Fat & Build Muscle

Do 10 Minute Workouts really work?

"If you are short on time, then 10 minute workout routines will give you results in exactly that: 10 minutes".

Yes. Here you will find 10 Minute Workout Routines that Burns Fat and Build lean Muscle. You will also discover the Best workouts for busy people to get fit.

So many of us today want to get fit and, many times, also lose weight, but we are afraid that we just don't have the time.

We hear so much about the time and effort that we must put into working out.

Is it possible to build muscle or lose weight in mere 10 minutes?

Yes. If 10 minutes is all you got, its all you got. In this world time is of essence. You may not get your dream body working out 10 minutes in weeks, but if you keep up you will see results. Period!

Inside this article I will give you

Reasons why 10 minute workouts works  
Best 10 Minute Total Body Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight  

Best 10 Minute Muscle Building Workout


10 Minute Ab Workout for flat abs


We hear about the sacrifices we have to make. But we are busy going to work, raising children, doing business, perhaps furthering our education.

Do we really have the time to do these things right?

Well, in fact, it's possible to shed unwanted pounds and become much fitter in 10 minutes per day.

Can 10 minute workout plans work?

Yes.  If you Do.

10 minute workout plans can work, provided that you workout in a smart way and make your workouts intense enough. 10 minute workout plans rely on intensity and variety from session to session in order to be effective.

Better Health in 10 Minutes. This is better for your health, anyway, especially if you have never been that physically active or haven't worked out since high school. With 10-minute intense workouts you can really work your body's muscles and ligaments, and stimulate your cardiovascular system, without high risk of injury, burn-out, or actually damaging your heart.

Research Backs it up. There is plenty of research that backs up the fact that intensity is the key to losing weight and creating more lean muscle and a more efficient cardiovascular system. Even if you want to become a competitive athlete, and so will eventually need to workout for a lot longer to develop your needed particular skills, 10 minute workouts are a perfect way to get started--again, to avoid high risk of injury or actually having reverse (and adverse) health effects upon yourself.

If you decide to go for 10 minute workout plans for weight loss and greater fitness, you must be very disciplined. You need to know what you're going to do for the day and stick with it. And, you will want to do a workout every day or at least six days per week. Remember, it's only for 10 minutes--even your busy self has time for that.

10 minute workout plans to build muscle, lose weight, and get lean

Again, our keys to making these short workouts work for us are intensity and intelligence. Intelligence means having a plan.

You only have 10 minutes to focus, so you don't have time to spend even a few minutes deciding what you are going to do.

You want to schedule your workout at least 24 hours in advance, and ideally you want plan an entire week's series of workouts at once, ahead of time.

Variety is the spice of life, so mix up what you do each day and don't do the same workout more than two days in a row unless you have decided you love a particular one and you want to advance in it rapidly.

10 Minute Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight

One plan is to focus on cardiovascular workouts as seen in the  Turbulence Training Program.

You'll want a plan like this if your primary objective is to shave off some unwanted pounds or get your energy level up. Here are the things you can include in a cardiovascular workout:

*Running. Now, what this really means is sprinting, but you might not be in good enough shape at first to sprint. If you find that that is the case, then try to run for one mile at your fastest pace.

If you are woefully out of shape, this might take you slightly longer than 10 minutes, which means you really have a lot of work to do.

Once you can routinely run a mile in less than eight minutes, start sprinting instead of going for a mile.

print as fast as you can for 10 seconds, then take a 20 second rest, then do it again. Keep doing these 30-second intervals until you have achieved the 10 minute mark.

Note: always stretch after a running workout.

*Stair climbing. Find a set of stairs and run up and down it for 10 minutes. You don't have to run fast for this, just steadily.

*Rope skipping. This is much harder to do for 10 minutes than you may think. You'll find out why heavyweight boxers skip rope a lot.

*Bicycling. As with running, the idea here is to pedal all-out for 10 seconds, then just coast or ride slowly for 20 seconds, then do it again.

*Hindu squats. You can find videos on these online. They are very simple looking and don't require any weights, but you will soon find out how challenging these are. Do as many as you can before resting, and rest for as short a period as you can handle, until you've been at it for 10 minutes.

10- Minute Ab Workouts

Here is a video showing you how to do a 10 minute ab workout for flat abs.


10 Minute Muscle Building Workouts

Before going to the workout proper I want to show you one video by  Sean Nalewanyj revealing you 8 ways to increase testosterone naturally for maximum muscle gain.

Now, the second plan is to focus on strength conditioning. Of course, you can always interweave cardio with strength training, and there is some overlap between them anyway. Here's what you can include:

*Exercising with kettle bells. These are magnificent for building core strength and getting you a total body workout. You want to get to the point where you can do "bricks", which means doing two or three different exercises of eight to 12 reps each, back to back, before taking a break.

*Push ups. The best idea here is to find one of those inexpensive "home gyms" so that you can do the push-ups on a workout bar. Do as many as you can, rest for one minute, then repeat.

*Dips. Again, try to find a workout bar for these, but you can always use a chair or stool.

*Yoga positions. These build strength because they build flexibility and endurance. Yoga was originally used by martial artists.

*Medicine ball workouts. Those ripped "Spartans" in the movie "300" used these to train.

So, there you have 10 minute workouts that anyone can do with little or even zero equipment needed. Be intense!

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