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How To Plan A Good Workout Plan to Burn Fat and Gain Lean Body. No professional bodybuilding plans. Just a good damn workout plan to reach your fitness goals.

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-How to Plan a Good Damn Workout
-Choose Your Goals - Build Muscle or Burn Fat?
-Tips on creating a good muscle building workout plan
-Tips on creating a good weight loss workout plan
-Tips on Creating the TIME needed to put your good workout to work. RecommendsQuick Fat Burning Workouts atTurbulence Training  -

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How to Plan a Good Damn Workout

Many of us have heard the oft-quoted cliché  "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", meaning that if you do not prepare for something, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

The flip side to this is that if you do make adequate preparations, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

All victory takes is the foundation of a solid course of action. Whether you are planning a mountain climbing expedition, a business presentation, or a solid workout routine, the plan is everything.

WWe will look at how to set yourself up with a plan to succeed as far as a fitness program is concerned.

1. How to choose a goal - Muscle Building Goal or Weight Loss Goal

The first step is to decide upon your primary goal; after all, if you don't know where the finish line is you can hardly be expected to win the race.

There are two main ways to focus your workout efforts, either in building muscle or losing weight. These are not completely separate goals of course.

Both of these effects can and usually do happen simultaneously, but you should have one specific outcome you are looking for.

Once you decide on a main track, ask yourself why you chose that path. Are you looking to lose weight for health reasons, or to slim down for an upcoming event?

Are you building muscle to improve your appearance, or to improve your performance at a sport?

OOnce you are clear on this information, you can then get started in devising a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

2. Tips on creating a good muscle building workout plan

When it comes to building muscle, diet is key. Nutrition is often overlooked when planning a workout routine but can often be the most important facet of your training. /span>

The real secret is that the diet component of your workout plan can be the easiest part, letting you get to where you want to be in much less time.

When your goal is muscle building, the magic word is protein. Protein is what your body utilizes when you exercise, so you must make sure you replenish the body's supply after each workout session.

When you sit down to figure out what exercises you will do, remember your ultimate goal. If you are building muscle for a specific task make sure to target those muscles with your workouts.

If there are certain parts of your body that you are focusing on, make sure that the exercises you perform work the muscles in that area.

Give yourself some variety. A lot of people begin a workout program and then stop after a few days or weeks because they get burnt out.

You can make sure this does not happen to you by varying your exercises periodically.

Not only will this help your muscles reach new plateaus, but it will break the mental tedium of performing repetitive tasks.

This also allows you to try out new exercises that you might really enjoy.

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3. Tips on creating a good weight loss workout plan

Similar to a muscle building fitness regime, your diet is the most important factor in a successful weight loss plan.

Eating the right foods will not only contribute to your overall goal, but will give you the energy you need to face those tough weight loss workouts.

Think of each meal you eat as part of a whole campaign to get you to your destination. The details of your diet can be customized to your goals and personality, but remember to stick with it and eventually you will succeed.

For best results in a weight loss workout, you must focus on cardio exercises and weight training.

Cardio exercises are important because they burn calories, which will be a huge component of getting you to your target weight.

Since there are several types of cardio exercises, take time to determine which one is right for you.

Running, walking, biking, swimming and many more activities are all excellent calorie burners. Choose the one that you find the most enjoyable to do.

Establish what your average daily caloric intake is and calculate what amount of your chosen exercise you will need to do to burn the extra calories.

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4. 2-3 tips on creating the time to put the workout plan to work

The best advice when undertaking any activity that will require self-motivation is to treat it like a job and focus on the end goal.

You are the boss and the employee. Just as you are paid for doing the work assigned to you at a job, the same goes for your workout plan.

By putting in the time and effort, you will receive your bonus in the form of getting the results you wanted, and that can be as satisfying (if not more) than a weekly paycheck.

Just like a job, you need to make sure you show up every day you are supposed to, but remember to give yourself regular break; everyone needs a rest from time to time.

Break your end goal into progressive milestones. Sometimes when beginning a workout plan, the first few weeks can seem like running on the spot-a lot of effort without tangible results.

Milestones can be an effective way to counteract the discouragement that this absence of tangible results may portend.

These milestones can be anything from 'Ran one mile without stopping for the first time' or 'lost my first pound'.

Think of ways to remind yourself that you are really getting things done, and your final goal will be in sight before you know it. RecommendsQuick Fat Burning Workouts at Turbulence Training  -

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