Anaerobic Exercise -10 Anerobic Exercises with Benefits, Types & Examples

Definition of anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic exercise is an intense work out where the body uses up oxygen and phosphocreatine optimally that is stored in the muscle and uses it to work on the muscle, burn fat and increase metabolism.

These exercises are very different from aerobic workouts as they are much higher in intensity but are done in shorter durations.

This form of exercise is normally used while muscle training by body builders to promote strength, power and speed and is done for a maximum stretch of two minutes.

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Benefits of anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic workouts are primarily used by people who participate in sports that require shorter bursts of energy.

In contrast to aerobic activities such as swimming, cycling, running or walking the amount of oxygen utilized to generate energy for a longer work out is much higher, while in anaerobic exercises the muscles recover much faster and are ready for the next set.

Since anaerobic workouts use the energy stored within the muscle they are great if you want to lose weight fast.

Conventional wisdom says that by simply doing aerobic exercise you will be able to lose weight, but by combining aerobic exercises and anaerobic workouts one is able to burn fat faster.

Building Muscle

Building muscle automatically translates into losing fat even while you are resting! Anaerobic workouts ensure that your muscles are working even after the training is over.

While you try and build muscle you will also be burning enough calories, and the lean muscles that you exercised during your weight lifting session will be working tirelessly even as you sleep.

Lean muscles help when trying to keep the fat off your body, and the bonus is that these muscles help you lose weight as well.

Some of the other benefits of anaerobic exercises are that it speeds up your metabolism as now your muscles will be burning calories through the day.

These workouts also help in strengthening the bones by increasing bone weight and density. You will find newfound energy levels once you begin anaerobic workouts.

Since anaerobic workouts focus on developing muscle, as the muscle size increases so does the capacity to store energy. Muscles are used to store sugar (glycogen) which is used when you are doing any physically challenging exercise.

Anerobic exercises and anti-aging effect

Anaerobic exercises also have a huge contribution to looking younger and improving your appearance.

These exercises very effectively build and maintain muscle, help you gain strength and exercise self discipline, all of which contribute to a younger looking and fitter personality.

Anaerobic workouts should be included in your workout routine twice or thrice a week. Some examples of anaerobic workouts are sprinting, pull ups, weight training, push ups etc.

Isotonics, calisthenics and isometrics form the basis of anaerobic workouts.

An isotonic workout involves creating tension in the muscle through the entire workout period. Weight training using barbells and dumbbells or resistance training using springs or bands constitute isotonic exercises.

Calisthenics uses the weight of the individual's body to create resistance and increases flexibility and strength. Primarily, sit ups, pushups and squats constitute this workout.

Isometric exercises work on the core muscle making the muscle that you are working on contract while ensuring zero movement in the affected joints.

These exercises are normally performed against a stationary object and focus on developing the strength of the muscle being worked on or the specific muscle group.

Difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises

Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises are a part of a balanced fitness routine. There is however, a basic difference between the two types of exercises.

In aerobic exercises oxygen is primarily used as the fuel to produce energy. In anaerobic exercises the body produces its own energy without utilizing too much oxygen.

The second difference is in the intensity level of the exercise.

An anaerobic exercise is a short duration high intensity activity whereas an aerobic workout involves low intensity for a longer duration.

There is also a subtle difference in the way glucose is metabolized during aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

During aerobic exercises oxygen is used to breakdown the glucose while during the anaerobic routine phosphocreatine from the muscles is used.

The other difference is that aerobic exercise builds cardio vascular capacity while anaerobic exercise builds and tones muscles. Anaerobic exercise also strengthens bones.

Let's now look at some anaerobic exercises and how they are done:

The tummycrunch: This exercise strengthens the stomach muscles and helps in cutting out the fat perched neatly on the stomach.

Weight training: The different types of weight training targets different muscle areas and help you get a sculpted body. Start with small weights and work your way up to get the look that you want.

Jump the rope: We used to love to do this as kids but gave up on the road to growing up. Jumping rope helps in building resistance, stamina and dexterity.

Incline walks or hill training: Do this while on the treadmill and see how your stamina is boosted. This activity strengthens the leg muscles and conditions your body.

Do the pushup game: Pushups are a great way to build your stamina and increase your strength. This exercise also provides resistance training as you will be working against the weight of your body.

Pull ups: Pull ups much like pushups use the weight of your own body for strength training and building core muscle.

Leg curls with weights: Give a twist to the regular leg curls that you do by tying some weights to your ankles. This will give more resistance while doing the leg curls and help you build your leg muscles faster.

Squat your way to strength: Squats look like they are very easy to do, but unless you get a hang of it you will be walking in pain for a long time. Start with smaller repetitions to begin strengthening your leg and thigh muscles and then work your way up. Once you are able to handle the squats, try increasing the complexity by adding some weights to make the muscles work faster.

The dumbbell press: This is a great upper body work out that works on your arms and chest at the same time. Control your breathing while attempting these or else you could land up with an injury.

The lat pull: This is a fun work out where you use a bar to pull weights. This excellent exercise increases strength and works on your upper body. The shoulders, arms, forearms, biceps as well as triceps all get a good work out.

Before you start any exercise program make sure that you have paid a visit to the physician. Your physician will give you an idea about the kind of exercise routine that you can follow and the type that you should avoid.

Coupled with your exercise routine a good diet, positive thinking and adequate lifestyle changes will ensure that you are looking good and living well for a long time. Recommends the Best Exercises ebook...

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