Bodybuilding Routines - Free & Complete Printable Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Bodybuilders should train like bodybuilders and NOT like weight lifters

Many a times bodybuilders train exclusively for strength and find that it build little or no muscle mass.

Although you strength might improve, you want real bodybuilding workout routines for maximum muscle hypertrophy.

Here are Bodybuilding Workout Routines - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Bodybuilding Routines with Complete Exercise Tips to Build Muscle and Get Big.

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Not all bodybuilding routines are the same

Now, when people hear this they may assume that this refers to the various different routines performed by the professionals in the bodybuilding world.

Well, such an assessment is not completely inaccurate. However, there are all different types of bodybuilding routines that even the "average person'' would benefit from.

This means that there are scores of different programs and to try and catalogue all of them would be next to impossible.

Better Way to divide bodybuilding routines

Rather than do this, it would be a much better idea to just break down the program into a beginner, intermediate, and advanced category.

This way, a clear understanding of the differences will be presented. Then, gym fans can select which type of program to follow based on their own needs.

So, let's take a look at these programs....


A beginner bodybuilding routine needs to be primarily concerned with building mass.

There really is nothing else that can be gained from any type of initial bodybuilding exercise program if mass building workouts are not part of the deal.

In general, mass building exercises are designed to hit the main muscle groups through using compound exercises.

That means, the weightlifting exercises will employ more than one muscle group. A bench press, for example, uses chest muscles, biceps, triceps, and even the shoulders.

Such an exercise can be employed to pack on a lot of mass.

Reps and Sets for Beginners

You would always want to use a moderately heavy amount of weight for a moderate amount of reps. This will aid in building the muscles quite a bit.

You need not invest a lot of time in the gym with a beginner workout program. Four days a week is pretty much all that you need.

Time in Gym - Short, intense workouts are key

Spending about one hour in the gym is usually enough and you only need to hit one particular body part per week. This will certainly improve your ability to add mass.

It is best to resist the desire to overdo things in the gym when you are a beginner. You do not want to invest too much time in the gym because this will lead to potential burnout and injury.

Plus, you would probably pack on mass a lot easier with a solid beginner mass workout routine.


Intermediate bodybuilding routines are when more emphasis is placed on boosting mass while also trying to develop more definition.

This means isolation exercises are added to the mix and so are certain more complex processes to boost muscle development.

In terms of the definition exercises, any exercise that targets only one muscle group must be employed. This means you will use a low amount of weight for a very high number of reps.

One common intermediate means in which you can boost mass can actually combine the isolation exercises with the compound exercises. This is known as the pre-exhaust method and it can deliver stunning results.

Basically, the way it works is that you would perform an isolation exercise to the point you cannot do anymore and then switch to a compound exercise that also includes the previously isolated muscle. This can boost mass tremendously.


Advanced bodybuilding routines expand upon concepts in the intermediate routine and increase frequency and intensity.

Again, such routines are advanced and they receive such a name for a reason. It is best not to employ an advanced routine until you are sufficiently skilled with the ability to perform one.

Its time to Split your body in to parts for targeted training

A split routine is one of the better ways to make advanced gains. This means working out one hour in the morning and another hour in the evening.

Those that are truly advanced might even perform such workouts six days a week. However, this could be scaled back to five or four days as well.

And when you are seeking an advanced workout program, you will want to do whatever you can to lower your body fat percentage.

That means you will need to significantly increase your cardiovascular workouts and watch your diet. This will allow you to get into much better physical shape while presenting the physical dimensions of a bodybuilder.

This can only be achieved when your body fat percentage is low and the definition of the muscles is very clear.

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Vince Delmonte's course is also called "The Skinny Guys secrets to Insane Muscle Mass".

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