What are the Different Types of Exercises you can do?


Almost everyone knows that in order to be healthy, you need to be moving your body.

However, the confusion starts to mount when you try to determine exactly what types of exercises are best for you. After all, aren't different types of exercises ideal for different fitness goals?

What are the different types and how do they benefit somebody who is trying to get healthy?

These are just a few questions that you may be struggling with as you attempt to develop a customized routine that works for your body and lifestyle.

As you might already know that different Types of exercises have different effects on your body.

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Broadly the exercises can be classified into the following types

1. Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises

2. Muscle BuildingFat Burning or Flexibility exercises and Body maintenance exercises/Overall Health exercises.

3. Special Exercises like Rebounder Exercises  too offer great workouts.

4. Different Goals - Different Programs

1. Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises

You can read about Aerobic Exercises and Anaerobic Exercises elsewhere on this website.

Here I will concentrate on the second type of exercises - goal oriented exercises.

2. a. Building Muscle Mass


Not everybody is interested in  building muscle mass.

However, many athletes are, especially if they are men. Building strength and muscle is one of the most common reasons to incorporate a heavy workout routine into your lifestyle.

Many exercises have the ability to build muscle, but some are more optimized for it than others. Any weight bearing exercise will help with a goal of building muscle.

Weight lifting is the most common type of exercise used for bodybuilders and others who want to accumulate muscle mass.  

Mostly, this is because these exercises are accessible at any gym and are extremely easy to learn and understand.

Anybody with a simple set of weights and a bench can learn the techniques.

However, if you are beginner, increase your weight load gradually and have a spotter on hand at all times. This will ensure that you aren't injured if you overestimate yourself.

There are plenty of other exercises that help with building muscle. Simple movements such as squatting, sit-ups or push-ups can build muscle and strength.

Adding free weights where possible, such as with a squat, can increase your muscle mass quicker. It's also important to include variety in your muscle building routine to keep the muscle memory guessing.

2. b. Weight Loss Exercises

People whose ultimate exercising goal is to lose weight can get easily discouraged. It's not always easy to get your body moving and  drop those pounds.

However, exercising for weight loss has a snowball effect- the more you do, the easier it is. It's a good idea to start small and work your way up. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Walking can be surprisingly good exercise, and it's a fantastic place for a new exercise fan to start. If you walk for an hour, you can burn more than 350 calories! That's not at all bad for a complete beginner.

Adding other types of exercise, such as biking, swimming or dancing, can increase your burn even more.

Your biggest goal for weight loss is to start using more calories than you are eating. Of course, for the best results, you need to make adjustments on both sides of that equation.

Also, keep in mind that using an active video game or DVD is an excellent substitute for getting to the gym. If you feel too self-conscious to take up a public program, stick to what you can do at home until you feel more comfortable with your weight loss workout.

Finally, adding a simple weight lifting routine can help as well. Increasing muscle mass raises your metabolism. No discussion of weight loss exercises is complete without delving into aerobic movements. These are the types of exercises that get your heart rate going and help to burn fat cells.

Aerobic step classes are recommended, as well as spinning. With aerobics, it's all about intensity, so look for ways to get working! As with any type of exercise, be aware of the risk factors and adjust your routine accordingly.

2. c. Another category of exercise is the types that focus on flexibility and balance.

These are often not taken seriously by devotees of other forms. However, unless you have tried something like yoga, it's hard to understand how serious of an art it is.

Both yoga and Pilates are popular disciplines with a heavy focus on flexibility. They are comprised of controlled movements, often held in place for a period of time.

When you watch yoga, it often looks ridiculously simple. However, try it once and you will realize that it really works your body! Yoga and Pilates discipline your muscles, build strength, and improve posture and overall flexibility.

No matter what other exercise goals you may have, adding this type of exercise to your routine can provide additional benefits.

Another type of exercise that deals with flexibility is martial arts.

While there are many components that make this type of movement very beneficial, such as strength, the main advantage of most martial arts is the discipline and flexibility.

While definitely more intense than either yoga or Pilates, martial arts is also built on distinct movements and forms, so can be placed in this category. For those that appreciate the benefits of yoga, but need a more active workout, martial arts is the ideal choice.

2. d. Overall Health

When your goal is to get healthy, the field is really wide open.

As long as you are moving your body, you will probably do just fine.

When your focus in on overall health, the best approach is to utilize a variety of the types of exercises already discussed. You may want to do some moderate weight lifting, aerobics and yoga, alternating days, for example.

When you are working for a complete health profile, you need to keep a close eye on what your body is doing. If you aren't really worried about losing weight, it can be hard to track your progress.

The best idea is to mix things up and listen to your body. When you are being challenged, you will generally experience some residual soreness from each workout.

When you notice that lessening, that means that your body is getting used to this particular routine, and you need to change things or raise the intensity.

Don't settle for what comes easily in exercise; instead, be constantly looking for your new limits. This will ensure steady progression in your fitness goals. There are many different types of exercises, each optimized for different fitness goals. However, any movement is beneficial to the body.

People who exercise regularly maintain a lower weight than average and also lower their risks of many health problems, from diabetes to heart disease. No matter what your goals are, there are types of exercises that can help you accomplish them. Get off the couch, and get moving!

3. Rebounder Exercises

It involves the use of a Rebounder or mini trampoline. It is shown to be beneficial for your immune system as it increases the flow of lymph throughout your body.


Different Goals - Different Programs


1.Muscle Building Program for Teens and Bodybuilders
2. Fat Burning and Muscle Gaining Weight Training Program
3. Over 40 Muscle Fitness Program.

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