Benefits of Super-Slow Weight Training


Benefits of Super-Slow Weight Training

Super-slow weight training is not something that everyone does in the gym, but the ones who do reap extraordinary benefits. Maybe you've never thought about super-slow weight training because you've been too busy trying to get in and get out of the gym quickly.

The good news is that with slow weight training exercises, you can achieve the results you're after in much less time than you think.

Proper Form

One of the main benefits of super-slow training is that it prohibits you from moving out of the proper form. Each weight-lifting exercise requires a certain form. If you're not performing your exercise properly, you risk injuring yourself and preventing results. People who are more focused on repetitions and speed are much more likely to injure themselves and end up with a result they are not pleased with.

More Effective Overall

You're probably wondering about the effectiveness of slow weight training, and if so, then you're on the right track. The truth is that the slow the lift the weight, the more of your muscle that you're going to be using. Lifting weights at a much slower pace causes the overall exercise to increase in effectiveness up to ten times. Lifting one weight at a slow pace is the same as lifting the weight at a moderate pace ten times.

Less Time Exercising

Because you're doing more, you won't have to work out as much. Instead of doing 10 reps of 10, suddenly you're doing 3 reps of 8. Overall, this means much less time in the gym.

Faster Results

Obviously, with the increased effectiveness of the exercise comes quicker results. Before you know it, you'll be lifting heavier weights, and be able to perform even more slower repetitions. One thing to keep in mind is that while you may be able to lift more weight is not to overdo it. Lifting your weights slow definitely decreases your risk of pulling a muscle or suffering injury.

However, that is no reason to push yourself too far. Always remember to never lift more than you can handle. A good rule of thumb for seeing even quicker results would be to lift the heaviest weight you can lift a couple of times unti you max out. Never strain, as straining can easily lead to injury, regardless as to whether you're lifting slowly or at a moderate pace.


Lifting weights super-slow provides you with more time to think about what you are doing. More time to think during exercise can be helpful when it comes to burning fat and increasing muscle due to the fact that your mind does half the work for you.

It also allows you to focus on your form and breathing, which is very important when it comes to strength training.

People who lift at a regular to fast pace are much less likely to focus on what they are doing, and more likely to focus on getting their numbers up and getting out of there.

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