Leg Exercises at Home - Leg Exercises without Weights

How to train legs at home without weights

If you were to ask the average person as to what would constitute a proper leg workout, you might hear responses along the lines of heavy squats.

In particular, you will listen to people point out the need to put on a decent amount of weight on a barbell, remove it from the squat bar, and then hit a few reps.

All this is well and good but it cannot be performed in the home. And here is a little secret at work here: you do not need to perform such workouts in the home. You can do a lot more with a whole lot less.

List of Leg Exercises without weights


There are many  leg exercises  that can be performed in the home and they can all be done without weights. Here is the two easiest and most popular: body squats and leg lunges.

Body squats are also called deep knee bends. They entail extending you arms out in front of you and bending your knees and keeping your back straight on the descent. Straightening your legs back to an upright position will complete the exercise. You can perform any number of reps you wish based on your own current level of physical conditioning.

This is a solid exercise for gaining mass and muscular endurance. The more reps you perform, the more mass you will gain. However, you need not be under the assumption that high reps are a must as a light amount of reps can deliver solid results, too.

Lunges Exercise

Leg lunges  are, essentially, a fencer's lung where the rear knee bends and touches the ground as opposed to remains straight. This type of exercise is more along the lines of a definition and toning workout as opposed to a strength or massing building one. That is fine as it perfectly complements the bodyweight squat exercise previously mentioned.

Men, Women and Leg Training Myths

Some may wonder if men and women need to train such leg exercises differently.

In a sense, the answer would be yes because the goals of most men will be different than those of women.

Men will want to pack on mass and increase their strength significantly. Women will prefer a toning based workout and will seek to enhance strength to a lesser degree.

Men would likely perform extremely high reps and could even add items such as 40lb weighted vests to the mix to enhance mass building potential. Women will want to keep the squat reps low and concentrate more on toning exercises such as the lunge.

The key to maintaining a muscle building program  would be to perform more squats while also eating a high protein diet. For weight loss, there will be a need to mix in cardio work and a calorie restricted diet to the mix. It would be difficult to lose weight without these two components.

The process of working out the legs at home is not all that difficult. Using two very basic exercises is all that you may need to attain desired results. This is true no matter what your goals are.

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