Frog jumps leg exercise - Have a Killer Leg Workout Today

by Lauren
(Hamilton, Ontario)

The Frog Jump Leg Exercise one is only good for people with NO prior knee injuries, as it is very taxing on the ligaments. It's called a frog jump, and it's commonly used as a martial arts drill.

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Start in a deep squat, heels and toes on ground, butt directly behind Achilles tendon, or slightly above it if your flexibility doesn't allow you to go that low.

Have your hands clasped together in front of you, try not to use them for balance. From this position, jump straight up, mainly using the balls of your feet, and go as high as you can. No extra weight is needed.

Land on the balls of your feet initially, then keep going down until you reach the original position, with your entire foot on the ground, and your butt ALMOST on the ground as well. Repeat until you feel like you're going to fall over, or legs start jiggling intensely.

Where did Frog jumps leg exercise come from

A frog jump, or sometimes referred to as the power jump, is a leg exercise similar to a squat, but you jump high in the air and land on the balls of your feet. Martial artists, athletes and military service members and women uses frog jump exercises to improve their vertical leap and strengthen their leg muscles. Frog jump leg exercises are not recommended for use for people with prior knee injuries.

The frog jump leg exercise is used in a variety of sports, such as track and field, basketball, volleyball, and other sports to increase vertical jumping power.

For example, In basketball, athletes want to increase their vertical to dunk the ball, shoot better jump shots or to become a better defender on the court, e.g. a shot blocker or grab more rebounds.

What about Track Field Sports? Track stars use the frog jump as a way to jump longer distances when doing the long jump for competitions. Volleyball players do frog jump leg exercises by either running to the net to hit the ball or stand in place and jump to hit the ball. In addition, volleyball players that play defense can block the opposing team's spikes.

More Frog jumps leg exercise Techniques

The frog jump, called the power jump in the military, is typically used as a punishment in the United States Army during basic training when privates get into trouble or as a way to test their ability to take a large amount of pain as a conditioning drill. It is usually done in cadence. "Frog  Jumps  are  Tough  to  Do.  No  Doubt!  Are  you  ready  Partner?"

To perform a this exercise, you start from a squatting position. Your heels and toes must be on the ground. Your buttocks is directly above or behind your Achilles tendon. Both hands most be clasped together right in front of you. You are not using your hands for balance.

When you are in a comfortable squatting position, you jump straight in the air using the balls of your feet and jump as high as you can. When you jump in the air, both of your arms must be over your head with both of your palms

When you squat, your eyes must be looking straightforward and your head is up towards your heart. Your back must be straight so you do not strain it.

When you jump, you will land on the balls of your feet, however, you must land in the original squatting position you were in before. Both feet must be on the ground and your buttocks must be on the ground, as well.

The frog jump is a difficult exercise and your entire body will become sore, however, this exercise is one of the better exercises you can perform. Continue the frog jump leg exercise until you cannot complete the exercise from the squatting position, meaning you would fall over, or when your body is so sore that you cannot complete the exercise.

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