Farmer Walks Exercise for Legs, Arms and Total Body Training


Why are Farmer's Walk such an effective exercise

Farmer's Walk {and its variation the Press walk} is a great exercise in total body tension. It works your arms, forearms, leg muscles, your core and muscles you did not knew existed. You will soon find out!

The Farmer's Walk is a simple exercise, at least in the way it is done. The same goes for its variant press walk, but care must be taken for safety concerns as they can be dangerous exercises.

My experience with Farmer's walk

When I first tried farmers walk, I literally fell off at the end of the exercise. My problem as I realized was not arm or leg strength, but core strength!

How to do Farmers Walk {one arm or two arms at a time}

Grab hold of a set of dumbbells and walk until your tire enough to drop them.

I have shown this exercise holding dumbbells, you can use water jugs {filled of course}, books, bags, backpacks, sandbags, weighted vests, and car parts.

All you have to do is hold them in your hands, arms extended and walk around till you cannot hold them. Your arms will give up earlier than legs.

How to do Press Walk
{one arm or two arms at a time}

Press walk is a more advanced exercise as it requires high core strength and stability.

In this exercise you grab a set of dumbbells or kettlebells overhead and walk around.

The demand on your arms, shoulder, core and not to mention legs makes this exercise very effective. And dangerous.

Play safe. Use smaller weights to begin with. I am serious!

Mix and Match: You can also amalgamate these two exercises. Farmers walk in one hand and press walk in the other and then reverse after sometime.

2 points to remember when doing farmer's walk and Press walk

1. Keep your abs and core tight.

2. Keep your back straight.

3. Start with a small set of dumbbells and make sure you drop them away from your legs at the end of the exercise.

Now go in your backyard or garden, grab a heavy object and get farmer walking.

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