leg press burner for muscle growth

Start off your leg press work out by putting on a heavy weight, but not too heavy to finish a set of 10.

Start the leg press and do your reps explosively and then rest for about 60 seconds.

Add a little more weight and do 10 more explosive reps. rest 60 more seconds.

Add a little more weight and do 8 reps. rest for a minute and 30 seconds.

Add a little more weight and do 6 reps. rest for 2 minutes.

Add more weight but this is the first part of the burn set... still do the reps with the intentions of explosiveness and do 6 reps...

after the 6 reps have a partner pull of a plate on each side and do six more reps have the partner pull of another plate and continue to do 6 more reps...it will get easier but the burn will intensify.

have your partner pull off another plate and do six more reps. rest for 4-6 minutes. add the weight back on and do one to two more sets of this pyramid set and you should feel the burn of a great quad/hamstring workout.

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