Do you or don't you need squats to build legs

In my opinion you don't need to do squats or else say goodbye to muscular legs.

Here is a list for leg exercisers:


Weighted sits

weighted jogging (intense)

Voila superb leg muscles!


Are squats essential to build legs?

If you ever asked any of the fitness buffs and trainers about leg exercises, most people will tell you that squats are absolutely essential to build the leg muscles. There are many reasons why this is so, and here are a few of them;

1. All the major muscles of the lower body and the legs are involved in squats. Therefore doing the squat correctly can train your lower body to optimum capacity. The muscle masses involved here are the quadriceps that are typically used for straightening the legs, giving rise to good posture, the glutes and hamstrings for the hips, and the erectors hold the back and keep correct
training will keep you away from back pains and injuries while the calves keeps the foot stamina and gives posture.

2. The squat is easy to practice and can be done with minimal equipment. A pair of dumbbells or barbells will do the trick. You can then increase the load to build the legs to a greater degree each time.

3. This is just a repeat but is worth mentioning. Despite the fact that all the major muscles are involved when the squat is correctly executed the smaller muscle masses are also trained in the process.

It is for these reasons that the squat is considered as the kind of lower body exercises. To further emphasize this fact, note that other leg exercises do not train all the different kinds of muscles as the squat. For example the popular calf raises, meant to train the calves (are isolation exercises) and the leg raise that will exercise the legs, but will not build muscles to any significant degree. However there is one other exercise that comes close to the squat, it is the leg press. However, the range of motion in the leg press is limited, and the
muscles of the back are not affected like in the squat.

Therefore if you wish to build your legs to any significant degree, and have a good work out of all your lower body muscles, the squat is an absolute essential.

How to do the squat to build the legs

1. Start by choosing a weight that will allow you to do about 8 repetitions so that you are given the possibility to learn the correct form of the exercise, and also that you warm the muscles that will be used in the exercise before putting a heavier load on them later on.

2. Hold your feet shoulder width apart for stamina, then remove the weight from the rack and place on the top of your shoulders, using both hands to keep the bar in place.

3. Squat by keeping your back straight, going down slowly.

4. At midway, your thighs must be parallel to the floor.

5. You can stop here, wait for some time then rise up again, or you can decide to go deeper hold then rise again.

6. Once you have learnt the correct form, increase weekly with a greater weight and watch your legs increase in size.


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