Hip Raises Exercise to Build Glutes/Butt Muscles and Hamstrings

Why are Hip raises such an effective exercise?

Hip raises are a two-in-one exercise which are great to build and strengthen your glutes { also called butt muscles} and hamstrings. They also are a core-stabilization exercise for a strong core.

If you are looking for a butt/glute exercise which you can do at home then try hip raises. I mentioned this exercise first in the  butt muscle building section.

How to do Hip Raises effectively

Hip raises are a bodyweight exercise. You can do them as shown, try the single leg version, place your foot in the air or place your feet on a stability ball. All these work great.

Execution steps

Step 1: Lie on an exercise mat on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. If you are at a gym, make sure you are free from squatting or deadlifting areas. Place your arms son the ground on either side as shown for support.


Step 2: Now raise your hips such that your body forms an almost straight line from your shoulders to your knees by squeezing your glutes/butt muscles. The greater the tension, the better the muscle stimulation. Practice at  home when on the bed. Use your feet to push yourself in the air.


Step 3: At the peak of contraction, pause for 3-5 seconds, breathe all the time and then lower your hips back to the start position.

Variations of hip raises

1. One leg hip raise


In this version you place one foot on the floor in position one instead of two. You perform hip raise with one leg extended straight in the air.

This calls for greater core stabilization and is actually harder than it sounds. Try it and let me know how it work for you.

2. Hip raises with feet on a stability ball


Want to train your core even harder? Try to do hip raises with feet elevated onto a stability ball. Remember you can also do this exercise with one leg extended in the air as with one leg hip raises.

And of course you can also do the Reverse Hip Raises either on a machine or a stability ball.


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