How can I Build Bigger Legs

by miss tracey merry

How can women build bigger and toned leg muscles?

Its not a story more of a question, need some help!

I am 46 and have always weight trained, i am in great shape or so people tell

I seem to b having a problem building my legs. Don’t know what im doing wrong.

I train my legs once a week hard, i train squats 30 kilos 15 reps then 40 12 reps then 50 twice for 10 reps each, then i move to leg pressing same type of format but obviously more weight.

Leg extensions, leg curls etc sometimes lunges.

Don’t get me wrong i have nice legs but they r just toned and slim, i would like to put a bit more on the quads and hamstrings but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

I do other training as well i am quite into my kettlebells as well.


Hi Tracy,

Building muscles {any, including legs} is tough. Training is half the part.

Add one high quality protein shake post workout. It should contain at least 50g carbohydrates and 30 grams proteins.

This is a start. Check your muscle measurements after 2 weeks.

Add calories as per the instructions in the muscle building diet section.

That should help.



How can Women Build Bigger and Firmer Legs

One of the reasons that many women do not have firm, nicely toned and well built legs is because they don’t concentrate on their legs, with many women that exercise regularly never even paying particular attention to the legs.

The other reason is that many women even when they do exercise are afraid to build muscles, thinking that it will make them look masculine. These are both errors that prevent many women from maximizing their potentials in developing
bigger and firmer legs.

First and foremost, women will never develop as big a muscle as men, so they should not be afraid to take their exercises to the limit. This is because they do not have the amounts of testosterone that men have which is what enables them to really build huge muscles.

With enough exercises and targeted routines women can be able to build bigger and firmer muscles. Here are some of the techniques that can be used;

Include Leg exercises in your exercise routines

The legs contain large muscle masses that should be used. Including leg exercises in exercise routines will ensure that they are worked with the rest of the body. There are two ways to include leg exercises in your exercise routines;
the first way is to do leg exercises every time you work out. This is better for exercise regimes that go from 45 minutes an hour or more, giving you enough time to exercise all the parts of the body.

The second way is to have days that are totally concentrated to working the lower body and the legs at least once a week. These is useful if you do not stay too long in the gym or exercise at home, but spend from anything to up to 30
minutes exercising.

The exercises that you should use should be exercises that are meant to work out the greater amount of leg muscles as possible. This is best done by using compound exercises, and also isolation exercises for more targeted action on the muscles.

The other thing to do is to make sure that you do progressive overload on your exercises, and also increase the number of repetitions in order to build strength, burn more calories and build muscles.

Here are some exercises that can be used in your exercise regime;

Barbell Squats

Dead lifts

Leg curls

Leg presses

Leg extensions


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