Machine Flys / Peck Deck Flyes Exercise to Build Chest Muscle


Machine Flys or Peck Decks is a good exercise to build Middle chest muscles. Check the execution technique and blast your pecs now.

Purpose - To Build size of Middle Chest Muscles.


Machine Flys is a good alternative to Dumbbell Flys but Dumbbell Flys remain the best Chest Muscle Builder second to Bench Press.

Machine Flys are done on a Peck Decks machine.


  1. Get seated on a Peck Deck Machine and grab hold the handles.
  2. From this arms extended position bring your arms as close together as possible feeling a good contraction in the chest muscles.
  3. Now extend the arms and feel a good stretch in your chest muscles.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Use the fullest possible range of motion but not beyond the shoulder joint.

Safety and Efficiency Tips

Elbows should be in line with your shoulder joint when you begin the exercises and on every repetition thereafter.

Elbows in front of shoulders at start is les useful but elbows behind the shoulders can be harmful to the shoulder joints.

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