Side Bends - Abdominal Exercise to Build lateral abs

If Crunches build front abs then Side Bends build the lateral Abdominal muscles. Learn how to so this efficient exercise and build sculpted lateral abs.

Purpose -- To Build Lateral Abdominal Muscles

Side Bends targets the oblique or side of the abdominal region. Isolating this area is difficult and side bends does this to perfection.

Execution Technique.

This exercise is performed using dumbbell or plates held in either hands. It can also be performed without dumbbells for shaping lateral abs. If you have a thin waist and want to put more muscle then use dumbbells to offer resistance.


1. Stand straight holding a dumbbell in each hand.

2. Now bend {crunch} towards the side opposite to the dumbbell.

3. Now return back to the starting position.

4. Now bend towards the other side and complete the first rep.

With time you can add resistance by holding bigger dumbbells.


Points to remember

  • Keep neck and hands relaxed
  • Go full range of motion.
  • Avoid Jerky movements
  • Perform as many reps as possible

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