5 Top Tips to have a Perfect Weight Lifting Workout today

A great body is nothing but a collection of great exercise and nutrition habits followed day in and day out. Follow these workout tips today!

1. Plan your exercise workout

Planning is essential for the success of your workout. It takes just 5 minutes but worth the small effort.

Remember your workout is useless if your next effort is the same as your last effort, unless you are in to maintenance mode. Plan your workout so that you lift more, lift better, train harder and with higher intensity. Let it be a few reps more than last time, or a 2-5 lb weight increase, its absolutely essential.

A plan includes,

  • What body part you want to exercise
  • The desired exercises, weights, sets and reps.
  • A mental goal to have a great workout, better than the last one.

2. Pre Workout Nutrition

Can a car run on empty fuel? Then how on earth can you lift more and train harder when your body is screaming you to stop coz you have an empty tank!

Eat a mixture of high quality proteins and some simple carbohydrates 30 minutes before you hit the gym. You will email me to thank for this one tip alone.

3. Proper warm up and stretching

Warming up sets the tone for a killer workout and stretching is the prerequisite for a safe, injury free workout. Take 10 minutes to get your body ready for the upcoming stress and a loose, flexible body will respond to your training loads far more efficiently. Also don't forget to stretch in between sets. Also drink enough water before, during and after workouts.

4. Train with high intensity

If there is one thing that decides if your effort to train today is useful, its your training intensity. Although your body need not feel that its about to die under the loads, its crucial that it gets the message that it is being exerted more than before. Remember its called Progressive Resistance Training.

5. Eat a Post workout meal

Post workout its time to feed those hungry muscles. Eat a high carbohydrate, moderate protein meal within 1 hours of your workout. No wonder the first hour post training is called the golden window of opportunity to fuel muscles.

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