Sit Ups - Sit Ups Exercise, Crunches and Ab Exercises

Why Sit Ups are still recommended as an abdominal exercise

How to do sit ups exercise properly to build toned abdominals. Combine situps with crunches and cardio & get rid of lower belly stomach fat.

Sit ups are a great exercise to target abs. Sit ups have many variations. Lets start with the basic sit ups

Basic Sit Ups Exercise Technique

Step 1: Lie face-up on an exercise matter or floor with your knees bent and feet on the floor.

You can place your arms on the sides, folded across your chest or raise them to hold them near your ears.


Step 2: Now raise your upper body {torso} and get to a sitting position.

Step 3: Lower your torso to the start position.


Lets make Sit Ups better

1. Throughout the exercise maintain a tight abdomen.

2. The move should be smooth and swift. Avoid jerky movements. Do not use movement.

Move in a slow, controlled manner keeping pressure on your abs all along.

3. How to breathe? You should start the exercise by taking a deep breathe, move to the top position and exhale as you reach the top contracted position. Inhale on your way down and repeat.

Common questions

How Man Sit Ups a Day?

How Many Sit ups You Do Everyday Depends On Your Strength. You can and should do as many as possible just like any other bodyweight exercise to build strength and stamina.

Once you combine situps with clean eating and free weight training, your muscles will begin to show up once your body fat falls.

Sit ups vs crunches

Crunches are similar to situps except that you do them in short range.

Instead of raising yourself to sit up position, you just move till your shoulders are off the ground. Crunches are mini situps.

They are advised if you have back problem. Situps can be harmful to your back, unlike many claims that they are not harmful to the back. At least they do not protect the back as previously though as they only build front abdominal muscles.

How to add variety to situps exercise

You can add variety by changing the position of your hands -

  • you can keep them on your sides
  • you can raise them to your ears or
  • you can cross them over your chest.

Once situps become easy and you can crank up 40 or 50 try to hold a plate in your crossed arms across the chest.

Or do a decline sit up wherein you get on a sit up bench, support your feet onto the pads and incline your way to situps.

How to Build Six pack abs with Sit Ups

If you want great looking six pack abs, then you need to lower your body fat level.

You do this by sound nutrition as discussed in weight loss diet section, training major muscles with weight training exercises and high intensity cardio training.

Also check out  Crunches, Reverse Crunches and other bodyweight exercises.

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