Side Leg Raises, Bent Knee Raises and Front Kicks to build Oblique Abdominal Muscles

Side Leg Raises and Front Kicks are excellent exercises to Build Oblique Abdominal muscles. Check the execution and build a quality rib cage.

Purpose - To Build Muscle mass in the Obliques and Intercostals Muscles.


This is a variation of Leg Raises but done lying bent supported by the elbow.


  1. Lie on the side by supporting yourself on your elbow.
  2. Keeping your upper leg straight raise it as high as you can and get back tostart position.
  3. Repeat on the other side.


1. Bent Knee Side Leg Raises

Here you bend your knees as you raise your legs.

2. Front Kicks

Here instead of raising your upper leg upwards you move it forwards while keeping it straight throughout the movement.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Raise as high as possible.

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