Vertical Bench Crunches Exercise to Build Lower Abs

Vertical Bench Crunches is an excellent exercise to build lower abdominals. Check this Hanging Crunch variation and blast your abs now.

Purpose - To Build Lower Abdominal Muscles.


This exercise is done hanging from a Vertical Bench bar. Its done just like hanging reverse crunches.

 Vertical Bench is a machine which allows you to support yourself on your elbows which are rested on the side bars.


  1. Get on a Vertical Bench and get in the hanging position.
  2. Crunch and raise your knees as high as possible, crunching as hard as possible. At the top of the movement hold for a moment and feel your abs contract hard.
  3. Lower your knees to starting position and repeat.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Crunch as hard as possible.

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