Roman Chair Exercises - Abdominal Muscle building Roman chair sit ups

Roman Chair Exercise is an excellent abdominal exercise to build upper abs. Roman Chair sit ups are tough to do but intense result producing.

Purpose -- To Build upper Abdominal Muscles

Execution Technique.

This exercise is performed on a Roman Chair bench which has a support for feet and an adjustable bench which can be kept at an angle.


1. Sit on a Roman chair bench and hook your feet under the support.

2. Now lower yourself backwards and go down but do not touch the bench.

3. Now curl yourself forward and crunch as much as possible.

Later you can go all the way back to 180 degrees to get added resistance.

Points to remember

  • Crunch and contract abs as much as possible, feel the pain.
  • Avoid Jerky movements
  • Perform as many reps as possible

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