Romanian Deadlifts technique - Barbell and Dumbbells


Why is Romanian Deadlift such a powerful exercise?

Romanian Deadlift is an excellent Power Exercise for Hamstrings, Glutes and Lower Back. Check the correct execution technique and build a strong posterior chain.

Purpose - To Build Muscle and Strength in Hamstrings and Glutes.

Execution - Romanian Deadlifts are performed using Barbell. Dumbbells can also be used.


  1. Place a loaded barbell in front of you and grab is with an overhand shoulder-width apart grip. Keep your back straight and NOT rounded.
  2. Lift the bar off the ground bending your knees, back straight and using the force of your feet and stand completely upright. You can bend slightly backwards by pulling the shoulders.
  3. Lower the bar under controlled motion by bending the hips and knees until your back is parallel to the floor.

Points to remember

  • Exhale while you exert. In this case when you lift the weight up.
  • Keep your back straight at all costs.
  • Avoid using excessive weight which hinders correct form.
  • Be in control of the descent. Don't let gravity accelerate the descent.

Related Exercise is the Regular Deadlift andStiff Leg Deadlifts.

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