Super Deadlifts Exercise - The Biggest Mass Builder Exercise

If regular Deadlifts get your body panting then wait until your perform this gut-wrenchingSuper Deadlifts exercise. Build a lower back which can stand ANY weight and improve all your lifts.

Note - This is an advanced Exercise. Make sure you meet the Criteria for Advanced Bodybuilder to try out this exercise.

Its no news. Deadlifts ARE the most demanding exercise you will ever perform, may be other than Squats Exercise. If you do not feel this way then you  simply are not lifting enough or doing them correctly.

Question 1  - Do you feel like puking after Deadlifts?

Question 2 - Are your delts, traps and back muscles screaming after you are done with Deadlifts?

Question 3  - Do you simply cannot stand the pain after Deadlifts?

Yes. You got to answer them in positive. Deadlifts are not for wimps and you are a Hero. Right? And a hero will learn today how to be a super hero. That's if you are serious about stimulating your Natural Anabolic hormones and building quality Muscle mass. Not to mention your Core Strengthening.

You see NO OTHER exercise [ except Squats } are so demanding and no other exercise gives the best bang for you buck. So why not use them to their Max capacity.

The Amazing advantages of Deadlifts

  • Maximum Muscle Fibers - Deadlifts employs the maximum muscle fibers from your Upper body and Hamstrings.
  • Core Strength - Deadlifts is probably the best exercise to build amazing core strength.
  • True measure of Strength - No wonder Power lifting competitions take Deadlifts in to consideration for their awards. Deadlifting competitions are very popular now. Also a strong back will help you lift more on exercises like Military Press, Clean and Press and Squats.

Lets get in to Super Deadlifts. Its very similar to the Power Factor Training by Pete Sisco.

Execution Technique

This exercise is to be performed under a Power Rack unlike Regular Deadlifts. Be sure to warm up for 2 sets with a light weight, approx. 40-50% of your regular weights.

  1. Adjust the bar of the Power Rack just above your knee level.
  2. Load on to the Power rack weights 20-25% more than you would on a regular Deadlifts.
  3. Stand with a stance shoulder-width apart and hold the bar with one hand in an underneath grip and the other hand with an overhand grip.
  4. Now pull the bar from this above knee position and lift from your back and straighten up. Use your arms just as levers between the rod and your Back muscles.
  5. Now lower the bar under controlled motion until it comes to a just above knee level. Never bounce the weights. This smaller range of motion will help you lift more.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert. Never hold your breath at any point during the exercise.
  • Hold momentarily at the top of the movement.
  • The initial movement is from your feet followed by hamstrings.. This is called the powering move. The next movement is by the Back Muscles until you straighten out.
  • Make your whole body work like a Single Unit with all major muscles contracting.
  • Perform the move under controlled motion and never let momentum carry the weight for you. You will only kill your efforts and the subsequent results.

Well there you are. If this cannot get you panting and make your muscles sore then Nothing else can.


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