Body Fat Percentage - Ideal Body fat percentage for Men & Women

Know your Body Fat Percentage by measuring it using simple methods and compare it with the Ideal Body Fat Percentage to keep track your Fitness Program.

Now that you have measured your Body fat Levels, you want to know where you lie!

This article will help you find your body fat status.

What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fat Percentage is defined as the amount of the body made up of Fat tissue expressed as a percentage.

Body Fat Percentage


Body Fat Levels are different for both men and women. An average man has around 17% Body fat and women has around 23%. The higher levels in women are due to estrogen hormone in women. Women need this extra fat as it helps in producing offspring.

Ideal Range

Men - Range is between 10 and 18%. Average is 17%.

Women - Range is between 16 and 26%. Average is 23%

Essential Levels

Men - 3-5%

Women - 10-12%

In addition to the gender differences , body fat levels vary with age and athletic training.

Competitive athletes generally have lower levels depending on sport they participate and their genetics.

As you age your body fat percentage increases and lean body mass decreases.

Average or Ideal? What to aim for?

If you are unfit and carry more weight than appropriate for your body type then your first goal should be to get in the average range. You can then go for your ideal range.

Ideal Body Fat Percentage also a personal issue. If you want to look ripped with a 6 pack abs then you need to lower your body fat levels below 8%. But if you are happy with a flat stomach and a fit look then aim for a body fat level of around 10%.

Body fat Percentage to stay away from

Obesity is classified based on Body Fat Levels.

Stay away from these values!

Men should stay under 25% and women below 30%.

I want Six Pack Abs

As men reduce their body fat below 10% and women below 15% their abs generally begin to appear.

If you maintain values just below these, you can boast to have a six pack abs but try avoiding extreme low levels as essential levels required for normal body functioning is at least 3% in men and 10% in women.

It near impossible to maintain these values for long. Even professional Bodybuilders have lower levels only for a few weeks around competition. Recommends - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

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