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Aerobics combined with Weight Training is one of the best ways to Lose Weight { fat }. Learn how to combine weight training and aerobic exercises to get a toned firm physique.

In the  Weight Loss Exercises Section we spoke about how Weight Training for Weight Loss works synergistically to aerobic exercises to give you the best fat burning workout ever.

Aerobics Vs Weight Training

Many people have no idea what they mean. I see countless people who do innumerable sets on those Ab machines thinking they will lose weight. Treadmill is and will remain the best way to lose excess body fat but misinformation is everywhere.

Also have you ever noticed overweight people performing those twisting exercises on fancy twisting machines? Only if they knew that they are doing resistance training using their body weight and working on muscles rather than their belly fat.

Don't let that happen to you.

So What is Aerobics?

Any activity that increases the Heart Rate to the target zone { 70-80% maximal heart rate } and maintains it for a minimum of 20 minutes is considered aerobic.

So by definition stop and go sports like football, tennis and hockey do not qualify as the best Aerobic exercises although they are a great way to add variety to your aerobic sessions.

Perform Aerobics 3-4 times a week on an empty stomach for 20-30 minutes.

Check the Weight Loss Exercises and Best Aerobic Exercises section for more.

And What is Weight Training?

Weight Training Exercises is the use of Resistance Equipment to help stimulate Muscle Growth, increase tone and strength. Its different from Weight Lifting or Power Lifting.

Check the Weight Training Basics Section for more.

Combining Aerobics and Weight Training

When you combine Aerobics and Weight Training you create a fat burning state in your body. Aerobics burns calories and weight training fastens your metabolism. These two compliment each other and enhance their effects and is the only way to lose weight permanently.

When weight training for weight loss focus on moderate weights which will help you fail in high rep range of 10-12. Perform your Weight Training and aerobics on alternate days to focus better.

Read more on Weight Training for Weight Loss. It shows you the best way to weight train to lose weight including exercises and workouts.

Too much Weight Training?

Always remember when your main aim is to lose weight do not get side tracked by muscle building goals. If you chase 2 rabbits you end up with none. You will be doing weight training only to prevent muscle loss and fasten your metabolism. Once you have lost all the excess body weight you can concentrate on gaining lean muscle mass.

The caloric intake for  Weight Loss and Muscle gain is very different and I suggest that you focus on one goal at a time. Its time to lose that stubborn body fat now, we will Build Muscle later.

Too much Aerobics?

If you are very muscular and want to shed your body fat to show off those 6 packs here is a caution.

Too much cardio has a detrimental effect. If you do excessive aerobics it interferes with the recuperative ability of the muscles leading to muscle loss due to overtraining. To stay in Muscular definition just do enough aerobics so as to burn up the extra calories in order to achieve the ripped, contest definition you desire..


Combining Aerobics with Weight Training is the best way to ensure that you get and stay lean and have high levels of endurance. Its the best of both the worlds. Recommends - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

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