Circuit Training Workouts, Routines and Exercises for Killer results


Why is circuit training so effective

Circuit Training Workouts and Free Routines with sample examples to build muscle, lose weight and gain strength in the shortest time possible. These quick workouts will help you perform efficiently in the gym.

With all the 2 hour training 6 times a week claims you get from Bodybuilders, you might be surprised when I say that Circuit Training involves as little as 20 minutes thrice a week for total body training. Yes you read it right.

Provided you train with sufficient intensity, workouts should be short and intense for them to show real results.

Circuit Training Workouts are my favorite type especially for clients to build strength, for rehabilitation purposes or build sport-specific strength and conditioning. Actually you can use circuit training for just about anything.

In this article we will cover

Circuit Training Definition

Circuit Training is a type of resistance training popularized by strength training machine manufacturers like Nautilus and Universal wherein eight to ten exercise stations are chosen and you perform the exercises in a circuit, one after another and then repeat the circuit 2-3 times.

These are essentially consecutive series of timed exercises performed one-after-another with little or no rest between each exercise.

Typically 1 - 3 such circuits are performed in each workout, wherein you do three or more exercises in quick succession without resting between sets.

Gym Machines are NOT required

If you think you will require a gym for circuit training then read on as I will show you excellent bodyweight exercises for circuit training.

Its a concept similar to total body training. Also since many people can train simultaneously, many personal trainers have embraced this idea of training.

Although circuit training claims to train you both aerobically and anaerobically meaning, it builds both muscle strength and muscle endurance, its a topic of debate since many believe that the stimulus might not be enough for aerobic fitness.

Next - Is Circuit Training for you? Read these amazingbenefits of circuit training.

Circuit Weight Training Examples

As said earlier you can do circuit training both using machines and bodyweight exercises.

First here are some  Bodyweight Circuit Training Workouts.

Here are some  Weight Training Circuit Workouts.

The main purpose of circuit training is to do as many exercises as possible, with minimal rest and include resistance training exercises as the Core moves.

Example Exercises

The commonest and best approach is to alternate upper and lower body exercises.

Example - Perform the following exercises in sequence - Bench press, Squats, Shoulder Press, Deadlift, Dumbbell Rows, Crunches.

As you can your upper body rests as you workout lower body.

You can add an element of cardio by simply adding 3 minute run/jog/treadmill running in between resistance exercises.

What about cardio circuits?

Cardio circuits would imply a combination of running, jogging, sprinting and bodyweight exercises for aerobic training.

I have included three cool circuit training workouts and a 4 week program in the Circuit Training for Weight Loss Section 

Circuit Training for Athletes

Athletes can use the circuit training exercises mentioned here. But for general fitness to improve muscle strength and burn calories, anaerobic circuits like the bodyweight or machine circuits are the best.

Sport Circuit Training

Are you in to Sports? Then use these Circuit Training Workouts to excel in your chosen sport..

Precautions in Circuit Training to prevent injuries and workout safety

Just like any other form of exercise training there are precautions you need to take to have an injury-free, efficient circuit training workout.

1. Start Slowly especially if you have just begun to exercise. Since Circuit Training is a combination of weight training and aerobic training, the demand on your body is added. The best way to get started is to start at lower intensities meaning using lower weights with high repetitions and a little longer rest periods.

Later you can use advanced circuit training routines to build more muscle and strength and at a faster rate.

2. Properly warm up and cool down when using Circuit Training

As you know from the Weight Training section, I am a big promoter of proper warming up. Use Proper warming ups and stretching to prepare your body for the circuit training workout. Trust me its the safest way to train if exercise is your long term goal. Don't forget to visualize exercises in your warm up period and get pumped.

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Common Circuit Training Exercises Questions and Answers - FAQs

1. What will a cut above the rest phase 2 circuit training do?
The Cut Above the Rest phase 2 circuit training program will help you shed unwanted pounds easily.

2. How to do circuit training?
To do circuit training, you will complete all of the exercises, both aerobic and resistance and then repeat. Each set of different exercises is considered a circuit.

3. Women's fitness equipment for circuit training must be real weights?
You do not have to use real weights to get into shape, however, with real weights, you will be able to keep better track of your progress as far as how much you are able to lift.

4. Is circuit training only for people who have high body fat?
Circuit training is for anyone that wants to lose weight or get into better shape.

5. Can you do circuit training every day?
While you can do circuit training every day, it is advisable that you take a few days off during the week. It is on these days off that your body will be able to rest and regain strength.

6. How effective is the 30-minute circuit training at curves?
The 30-minute circuit training at curves is very effective as many women have found that they are able to lose quite a bit of weight with their program.

7. How many calories are burned during circuit training?
The amount of calories you are going to burn during circuit training will depend on many factors including your current weight, your height, your age and whether you are a male or female.

8. How much weight does 20 minutes of circuit training burn?
The amount of weight you will end up losing, or calories burned, will be dependent on your current weight, you height, how old you are and your sex.

9. What are the best circuit training videos?
The best circuit training videos are the videos that are created by personal trainers who know what they are talking about. They will also clearly walk you through the steps to take if you are new at circuit training.

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