Benefits of Circuit Training - Weight Training and Aerobic Fitness

Circuit Training Workouts are excellent for people who want aerobic fitness and those who want to lose those last 10 pounds for a lean physique. These are time efficient and productive workouts.

Want to have quick total body workout? Or looking for a great way to change your body composition? Look no further than Circuit Training.

Still Not impressed? Consider these amazing benefits.

Total Body Training

Circuit Training has a quick changing nature which makes it differ from weight training or aerobics done alone, thereby conditioning entire body.


It is extremely flexible and can be personalized for your specific goal.

Easy to Personalize

No one workout prescription fits all. Circuit Training can be used both for total body training or specific body part training as it can be easily individualized.

Anytime, anywhere

It is an anytime anywhere workout if you incorporate bodyweight training in your workout plans.

Time Saving

It is very time efficient. You can do a total body workout in as little as 20 minutes.

Prevent Overtraining

When you train as per guidelines in this section you can prevent overtraining so rampant these days in fitness enthusiasts.

Fun and creative

Since you can do these with partner Circuit Training can be fun and if you know the variables you can be a little creative and design your own workouts with little help. I feel the best workouts is one which you create.

Its fun , its efficient and it produces results. Need I go on?

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