Bodyweight Circuit Training Workouts - Quick anywhere anytime workouts

How to use Bodyweight Circuit Training Effectively

Bodyweight Circuit Training can be done anywhere, anywhere and using no equipments. Use these workouts to build muscle and strength with efficient training routines designed for workout success.

Earlier you learnt the basics of Circuit Training and read an overview of Circuit Training Exercises. Here you will discover 2 excellent bodyweight circuit training workouts. Make sure you review the basics of circuit training. They are crucial to get started correctly.

Strategy - Perform as many possible repetitions in 60s and then move on to next exercise with no rest in between.

P.S. - These exercises are explained in the Bodyweight Exercises  Section.

Bodyweight Circuit Training Workout # 1

Do a dynamic warm up using Jumping Jacks or Rope Jumping, get pumped and then start your workout.

Jumping Jacks


Free Squats

Push Ups




Calf Raises

Cool Downs

Bodyweight Circuit Training Workout # 2

Bodyweight Circuit with an aerobic component add-on. Here you can alternate between bodyweight exercises and aerobic ones every 60 s.

Rope Jumping


Push Ups

Jog or Run

Pull Ups



Jog or Run

Calf Raises

As you progress you can add 30 - 60s to each interval and increase time under tension. Also you can repeat these circuits 2-3 times. If this comes easy to you in a few weeks time, its time to move on to Machine Weight Training Circuits.

Bodyweight Training Program

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