Aerobic Circuit Training - Tips and Workouts for Cardio Training


Why you should do Aerobic circuit training to build endurance and burn abdominal fat

Aerobic circuits, either with running exercises {intervals, Tabata} or using high repetition bodyweight exercises and weight training exercises is a very effective tool for total body workouts.

Why you might be interested

Tired of same boring aerobics? Take a look at Aerobic Circuit Training, a new and fun way to have fast, effective aerobic workouts for cardio fitness.

As discussed earlier in the  Circuit Training section, CT can be an excellent cross training companion and this includes aerobic training as well. There are two ways to devise an aerobic circuit training.

1. Pure Aerobic Training Circuit

2. Weight Training and Aerobic Circuit.

In my opinion, a combined circuit will give you excellent benefits.

Interval Training  is a much better option for aerobic exercises as it produces excellent calorie burning and metabolism boosting effects.

Here is a sample Circuit for combined training for aerobic and strength effects.

P.S. In this Circuit each exercise is performed for 15-60s with no rest in between exercise stations.

For beginner a rest interval of 15-30s is permissible for first 2-4 weeks.

1. Jumping Jacks

This is a simple exercise. Gets your heart rate up and warms up whole body.

Simple jump raising your arms overhead in circles and your feet to the sides. Jump slow or fast as your fitness allows.

2. Shoulder Press

Best done with dumbbells as you want to move fast in a circuit. Barbells take time to load.

Simply pick a set of dumbbells, sit on the edge of a bench and raise the dumbbells overhead. Perform at least 10 repetitions in a slow controlled manner.

3. Barbell Rows

Best done with barbell, you can do them with dumbbells. Perform at least 10 repetitions in a slow controlled manner.

4. Squats

How can you miss out on lower body in a circuit ha?

Bodyweight squats are great if you are just starting circuit training. Later you can add dumbbell or barbell squats.

3 minutes of aerobic exercise like jogging

This is called as Active rest. It helps get your muscle power molecules {high energy phosphates back} giving you a mid-workout power boost.

5. Bench Press

You can either do dumbbell or barbell version. Although circuit training involves machines, I suggest free weights because they give a fuller range of motion and burns more calories.

6. Lateral Raises

You can do this if you have stamina or else the shoulder press is enough for shoulder training.

7. Dumbbell Flyes

Do this if you have sufficient stamina, else bench press suffice.

3 minutes of treadmill exercise - Active rest again

8. Leg extensions

Squats are the best but extensions an be added.

9. crunches

Crunches are the most basic abdominal exercises. You can substitute them fro sit ups or hanging leg raises.

3 minutes of step training - Active rest again

Warm downs

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