Basics of Circuit Training - Get started on the right foot

Although Circuit Training Workouts are fun and easy, you need to understand some basics for quick and efficient circuit training workouts.

In the last articles we discussed what is circuit training and benefits of circuit training. Here you will discover some essentials of circuit training workouts. At the end you will be given examples workouts.

Here are some points to remember.

  • Begin each circuit training workout with a proper warm up. Either a stretching exercise routine or a 4 minute jumping rope will do at low intensity. In the bodyweight circuits I will show you some dynamic warm ups.
  • Select 8-12 exercises for each circuit training workout.
  • Typically 1 - 3 circuits are performed in each workout.
  • Loads are kept low and high repetitions ranging 12 - 15 are preferred.
  • Rest between exercises is kept to maximum of 30s.
  • You can alternate exercises between arm and leg. For example do shoulder press followed by squats and then do machine rows followed by lunges.
  • You can also alternate between aerobic and weight training exercises with intervals of 90 - 120 s with no rest between exercises.

Now that You know the basics, lets move on to Circuit Training Exercises where you can choose your workout type.

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