Calf Muscle Injuries - Prevent and Treat Calf Muscle Injury

How to prevent Calf Muscle Injuries

Calf muscles are very strong. But proper stretching and strengthening them is as important as any other muscle group to prevent injuries in the gym or the playing fie.d

This article shows Information on preventing and treatingCalf Muscle Injuries. Also included are Calf Muscle Cramps, strains and soreness prevention measures.

A Real-Life Calf Muscle Injury Incident.

It happened right in front of my eyes. A guy at the gym was doing his Bicep training and off he went on the ground holding his right calf and crying in pain. I have never seen someone in such pain and his clenched eyes were too much a sight to see.

We asked the guy to lie down { he was half-lying in pain already } and we began to flex and extend his knee and this only caused his pain to increase. But this is treatment method and within minutes he was alright but still unable to train anymore.

As it came out he was a habitual calf muscle cramper. This type of Muscle cramp was common to him and muscle cramps cause this catchy unbearable pain but resolves on its own.

The physiotherapist at the gym began shouting at this guy reminding him how crucial stretching is to avoid these episodes. But his reply was that he was doing biceps and training calves.

Stretching Exercises   - Not an option, its a Must

This brings me to a point though -  A good overall body stretch is vital to your workouts. Make sure that you stretch you shoulders, back legs and calves every workout. It takes just 5 minutes but its worth the effort.

Killer yet safe Weight Training Workouts.

Proper Exercise methods are a must to avoid Injuries and I will show you how to have a good safe workout.Click here to Download the ebook "The TEN Commandments of Weight Training" absolutely FREE of charge. Its a 29$ Value but your Free Today!

Calf Muscle Injuries - Causes and How to Prevent them {
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Calf Muscle Injuries occur most commonly due to Heavy Calf Raises. There are 2 tips to avoid this kind of Calf Muscle Injuries.

  1. Perform good calf stretches before you train your calves. Tom Platz is well known for his Leg development { probably one of the all-time best } but its no surprise to many that he sometimes spent 20-30 minutes performing Calf stretches  before and during  his leg training.
  2. Start with a low weight and add with every set. Good warm up sets will help you push more blood in to the calves and good circulation means a muscle ready for intense training.

Treatment of Calf Muscle Injuries.

  • Muscle Cramps are just violent and sudden muscle contractions lasting for several minutes but resolves spontaneously.
  • If there is a Muscle swelling then Ice packs, compression and Limb elevation helps.
  • Anything that looks serious or doesn't resolve with these tips requires Medical attention.

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Disclaimer- The advice mentioned here is not an alternative to Medical Aid. Use it for Informational purposes only as it is not supplied to diagnose or treat any Injuries whatsoever.