Kick Backs For Defined Triceps

Peak contraction is a good technique to use on triceps. It involves choosing an exercise in which maximum weight is pulling against the working muscles when they are completely contracted.

Since the triceps are contracted maximally only when the arm is held straight, it should be obvious that most triceps exercises don't provide peak contraction to the targeted muscles.

Triceps extensions on a Nautilus machine are good for peak contraction use, but a lot of gyms don't have an appropriate machine.

So, you should know that dumbbell triceps kickbacks (with either one arm at a time or both arms simultaneously extended during the movement) are the best free-weight exercise for imparting a peak contraction effect to the triceps.

When it comes to bodybuilding it is good to follow an all-around triceps routine for use in an off season building cycle. It includes kickbacks. It's appropriate for most competitive bodybuilders, as well as many high-intermediate-level trainees.





Pulley pushdowns



Incline barbell triceps extensions



Dumbbell triceps kickbacks



• Pushdowns are great for the me dial and outer heads of the triceps.

• Incline extensions are best for the inner head of the triceps complex
because the movement gives that triceps head a pre-stretch effect at the
starting point of the movement.

• Kickbacks always seem to work best for me when used as a finishing-
off movement, particularly when done with high reps for a final pump to the triceps.

Best Triceps Exercises

1.Lying Triceps Extensions and  Triceps Press is a great way to build overall triceps muscle mass.

2.Bench Dips is a very valuable triceps exercise. You can also perform weighted dips for additional resistance.

3. Behind the neck Dumbbell extensions will help the twisting function of triceps.

4. Standing Triceps cable pressdowns will develop the outer head of triceps especially when done with underhand grip.

5.Dumbbell Kickbacks add variety to your Triceps Workouts.

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