Water strength and Rehabilitation Exercises

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Water Exercises are excellent for Strength Building and Rehabilitation Goals. Discover the water training secrets for a strong body, prevent injuries and rehab faster.

When talking about water activities, people usually think of swimming, surfing or sailing. With much of the therapists and trainers’ creativity, water is now used as for strength and rehabilitation exercises.

These refer to the physical exertions that are done under water. Since water creates a lot of resistance to movement, it offers a great way of flexing our muscles. It raises some of the exercise routines like body, legs and arms routines into a whole new level, making them a bit more tiresome.

Normally, water strength and rehabilitation exercises are designed to offer treatment to back problems, arthritis and other physical illnesses, which may be 45-minute sessions that include music and an instructor. Just like other therapies, a water workout is comprised with warm-up stretching and cool down periods.

Water strength and rehabilitation exercises are ideal is a therapy requires flexing a specific muscle group. Whether the person needs to work out his quadriceps, hips, glutes, back, shoulders, arms or abs, this form of exercise offers routines that target strengthening certain areas. Of course, all of these are done under water. The good thing is that it makes people enjoy do some exercises without breaking any sweat!

Water exercises are normally done in three periods; the warm up, toning or stretching and the cool down. Performing warm up exercises is actually performing cardiovascular exercises. Usually, the exercise can start by swimming laps. With the right techniques, this period instantly appeals to the strengthening of the heart and lungs. Do this for a few minutes before you go over some stretching or toning exercises.

If you feel that you are not a decent swimmer, walking around the pool is just as good. That is, walking around the pool while you are in the pool. This activity raises heart rate with no problems. Just remember to keep your feet planted on the floor. When you tip toe, you will surely strain your calves so put those heels down.

Toning exercises are usually patterned over some strategic movement which targets certain muscle groups. The good thing about water exercises is that the chances of injury are extremely low. Since your body is suspended, the only pressure is gets is through the exertions that you do.

Just like in weight training, contracting muscles against resistance makes it grow and makes it stronger. Remember to always keep your weight evenly distributed and check your posture to prevent straining your body. Be creative.

The good thing about this exercise is that it can easily be modified. Remember that one of the rules of a successful workout is keep the body guessing. This means that it should not get used to any movement so the exercises will be effectively developing the muscles. 

When it comes to stretching, anything you can do on land can also be done in the water. After doing some toning routines, bring yourself to the side of the pool to do some stretching. Here, you can do some side stretching or total body stretching. Stretching is actually a combination of breathing and slowed movements. It is at this lax period that the muscle breathes, grows and develops. But to prevent injuries on stretching exercises, make sure that you are properly warmed up. 

Water strength and rehabilitation exercises are usually customized for every person since it considers his general health and fitness levels. Its success greatly depends on the person’s commitment to finishing the exercise program. It is sometimes advisable to enlist into a class so the routines will be done in a group, adding variety and fun that will keep you interested and motivated.

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