Water Aerobic Exercises in the Pool for Cardio Fitness

Aerobic Water Exercises are an excellent cross training activity from regular aerobics. Jump in the pool for a totally different cardio workout.

Water aerobics is a great form of exercise for men and women of all ages. Not only does it offer you an excellent source of exercise, it is friendly on your joints. By simply being in the water, you are eliminating impact that joints can often receive with land aerobics.

One of the first water aerobic exercises people can do is simply jogging in the water. Jogging helps to get your heart rate up and will help you to begin burning calories. You can jog in place or from side to side of the pool. It is important that whenever you jog in the water, you make sure that the ball and heal of your foot touch the bottom of the pool. If you simply jog on the balls of your feet, you can cause pain and damage to your legs.

Another great exercise that can be done in water aerobics is skiing. With this, you using a back and forth motion, just like you were skiing down a hill. Again, this will get your heart rate up and help you to burn calories.

If you have a weighted step, you can do step aerobics in the water. Again, this is great way to get your heart rate up. Many people cannot participate in step aerobics on land, because of the impact to their joints. But by doing the step aerobics in the water, you virtually eliminate all of the impact to your joints.

If you have a noodle, you can easily do sit ups in the water. Simply lie back on the noodle and begin bringing your knees to your chin. For a bit more challenging sit up, move your legs to the side and pull them in.

In order to create a bit more resistances, you can either use water barbells or specialty webbed gloves.

If you choose to use the barbells, you can push them under the water to create a lot of residence. This will not only help burn calories, but it will help you build muscles. If you choose to use the webbed gloves, you will want to swing your arms back and forth under the water. Again, the resistance will help you burn calories and build muscle.

Many people enjoy doing deep water aerobics. You can use a special belt to keep you afloat or you can use a noodle. If you choose to work out in the deep end of the swimming pool, consider using specialty weights for your ankles. The ankle weights will help you to improve your balance and make the overall workout more challenging.

If you like working out in the deep end of the pool, you can sit on your noodle and ride around on it like a bicycle. You can either use only your legs in a cycling motion or you can use both your legs and your arms to move around. Both options will offer a challenging workout.

Water aerobics can offer a great work out for men and women of all ages. There are a variety of different things you can do to make the workout more challenging or if you choose, less intense. Just about any exercise you can do on land, you can do in water.

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