Top 10 Tips on How to Schedule Your Workouts

Everyone has a different body type and adapting the workouts to fit the person’s body and their goals is accepted practice for trainers or for those making their own workouts.

The same applies to time constraints and scheduling as well since very few people can make working out and exercise their sole occupation. Scheduling workouts may include having to work around jobs, family commitments and even a social life. To get the best results from a workout routine it should be one that you can adhere to realistically.

If youschedule your workouts for 6 days a week and find that you don’t have time to adhere to your schedule every single day, the chances of you slipping from the routine and not achieving your goals is greater. Be realistic in your scheduling and if you decide on 2 hour workouts 6 days a week be aware you will probably have to give up some other activities and be prepared for the sacrifice.

Family men may have other priorities such as work, family, children and spouses and a trimmed down workout schedule may be absolutely necessary. 

  1. Be realistic about your available time vs. your  goals in your workout routine and schedule according to your available time
  2. Incorporate muscle confusion training and don’t schedule two types of training on consecutive days
  3. Do not decide to just “skip” a day of training unless absolutely necessary. Breaking your schedule up this way can be a habit and lead to less than optimum results.
  4. Trim the fat from you and from  your routine if you face time constraints in your schedule. One two hour workout might need to contain several different focuses if you can only work out three times a week.
  5. Consider the workout schedule and the time spent on working out as an investment in yourself that may help limit the temptation to skimp on your time spent working out.
  6. Commit time not only to your workout schedule but to taking care of your body’s needs. A workout that keeps you from sleeping less than 8 to 10 hours or that has you skipping a meal when the goal is to put on lean muscle mass, may not produce the kind of results for which you are hoping.
  7. If you can only work out three days a week then schedule your training for every other day rather than three consecutive days. Although resting muscles between training is a good idea it is even better to spread your training out through the week than cluster it up.
  8. If you are time limited consider investing in or making home gym equipment. The time saved on driving to the gym can be better spent working out or in attending to your other commitments.
  9. Cardio exercise is important to almost any kind of workout and individuals who are time limited might sneak in their cardio exercises by walking to the corner store with the kids or jumping rope in the backyard or basement without a trip to the gym. Commit to that 5 days a week and you have more time for agility, strength or endurance building workouts.
  10. A day of rest is accepted and few athletes try and schedule their workouts for 7 days a week. Instead give yourself 6 days of work and a day off to let yourself rest before plunging back into your workout schedule.

Finally, know your own limits if a workout schedule cuts into important parts of your life it may become a chore instead of enjoyable. That is when you need to realistically assess your available time against your goals and modify as necessary. The best workout schedule is one you can realistically stick to week by week. Even a modified workout schedule is far healthier than none.

If you are truly committed to working out then you may be perfectly willing to give up some activities to achieve your training goals. If that is the case schedule your life to support your workout and stick to them no matter what.  While how long you workout and what types of exercises and routines you choose each day may vary your body’s needs are going to be consistent. You will need to eat properly and in the case of body builders you may be eating quite often. You will have to have adequate rest as well to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and achieve your peak performance. Recommends the Best Exercises ebook...

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