Top 10 Natural Muscle Building Tips of All Time

Do you wish you could add a great deal of muscle mass to your frame? Perhaps you have images in your head of developing the same physique some of the top names in the bodybuilding world are known to possess.


While it may not be easy to duplicate the physique of a legendary bodybuilder, there are ways you can maximize your current level of muscle mass.


Here are ten tips for Building Muscle Mass you can boost your muscle mass rather quickly and effectively.

1- Lift a heavy enough amount of weight that the muscles are worked

When you want to build up your muscle mass, you need to lift a weight load that is heavy enough that it overworks the muscles. If you arelifting weights that are light, you will tone the muscles and burn calories. However, you will not be packing on a massive amount of mass. That is why you need to pack on heavy enough weight so that the muscles are worked enough that they are stimulated into muscle growth.

2 - Always train to failure

Just lifting heavy weights for reps and sets that are comfortable is not enough when it comes to trying to pack on mass. You need tolift the weights to failure. Failure means you cannot lift the weight past the halfway point. Usually, if you can perform 8 reps with no problem, failure will occur at the 10th or 11th rep.

3 - Put maximum effort in the gym

This may seem like an academic point, but it is often overlooked by many who should know better. You cannot put half-hearted effort into your gym time. You need to put in 100% effort 100% of the time. This is one of the true keys to being successful with your muscle mass goals.

4 - Increase the amount of protein in your diet

Protein is the main building block of all muscle. When you eat adiet that is high in protein, you are adding the necessary food source required to increase the size of the muscle. Without a decent amount of protein in your diet, you will not pack on mass. That is a fact! And no, you need not purchase any protein supplements because lean meat sources such as turkey or chicken or other sources such as beans or egg whites can deliver a solid amount of protein to the system.

5 - Always get the proper amount of rest

One common mistakes people make is that they will just flat out overdo it in the gym. Muscles do not grow when you work them out. Rather, they grow during therest period after your workout is done. That means if you train too frequently, your muscles will not grow. In fact, they might even shrink! This means you need to take a few days off a week in order to allow your muscles to grow.


6 - Try compound and supersets to boost muscle mass

It is not easy to perform a reliable mass workout when you have limited time. Okay, that is not a completely accurate statement. There are various advancedweight training programs that can certainly boost the potential to gain extra mass. Compound sets and supersets are one way to do this. These involve performing different exercises in succession without a rest. In order to do this, the exercises must hit completely different muscle groups. So, you would perform biceps and then immediately jump to leg exercises. Compound exercises involve 2 - 3 exercises and supersets involve 4 - 5. Both strategies can prove excellent for packing on mass.

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7 - Stick with those exercises that are known for adding to mass

Isolation exercises are very helpful for boosting muscle definition. However, they are not known for their ability to add muscle mass. That is why those looking to build muscle need to work worth compound exercises designed to promote the development of muscle growth. Thesecompound exercises includebench presses,deadlifts,shoulder presses, and any other exercise that engage more than one muscle group.

8 - Perform heavy squats regularly

And by heavy, we mean within reason. Don't overdo it or else you run the risk of an injury. That said, it is critically important to performsquats when you want to boost muscle mass growth. The reason for this is that squats help stimulate the body's natural growth hormone production. Regularly performance of squats not only helps build the legs. They also add to increasing muscle mass throughout all the other muscle groups.

9 - Try the classic pre-exhaustion method of building muscle mass

While we previously mentioned that isolation exercises are not good for muscle building, they can be effectively integrated into a mass building program to be effective. Specifically, they would be used in thepre-exhaustion training plan. The way this works is that you would perform an isolation exercise to failure and then immediately switch over to a compound exercise that partially hits the previously isolated muscle. This can stimulate growth quite stunningly.

10 - Never underestimate the power of cardio for muscle building

High intensity cardio work can stimulate muscle growth. Running sprints, for example, can help kick in the muscle growing process. Just not go overboard with it because you may burn some muscle mass if you train cardio too hard.

You do not even need to employ all ten methods at one time to boost muscle mass. You can cycle them in over a 10 week mass building plan. In some instances, you could employ them for maintenance during your cutting cycles. These exercises do have multifaceted tremendous value and are certainly recommended for those serious about building mass.

And you can definitely build such mass in a relatively short period of time. All you need are the right tips and the proper effort. You now have the tips and all that is missing is the effort. So get to it! Recommends - Building Muscle Program

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