Fat Burning Workout Tips

Before muscles can appear in the desired areas of your body like the abdomen, arms and legs, you must firstburn the fat that covers said muscles. These tips should of great help in faster, easier and healthier fat burning, all of which are of equal importance since everything works in complementation with the others.

Here are My Top 10 Favourite Fat Burning Tips

1. Eat Before the Workout

Eating before yourcardio workout provides for many benefits including higher levels of energy, faster rate of recovery and lesser incidence for low blood sugar. You will then be able to engage in a longer workout with more intensity to the exercise movements. But be sure to eat only a light snack of about 100-200 calories at least 30-60 minutes before warm-ups. We suggest a banana, yogurt or energy bar.

2. Eat After the Workout

Just as you should eat before the workout, we strongly suggest eating after the workout especially within the so-called golden hours of 45-60 minutes. The rationale is that this is the best time when the muscles can efficiently absorb the nutrients in the food and when glycogen replacement occurs efficiently, too. Be sure to include at least 10% protein and 90% carbohydrates in your after-workout snack

3. Exercise till the First Wind Ends

Don't stopfat burning exercising until you have reached the end of your first wind, which means that you are breathing hard. At this point, your body starts to release the potent hormone known as HGH, which is a powerful fat burner. Indeed, no matter how hard you work at your diet and exercises, if HGH is not released in an efficient way, you are bypassing its significant role in burning fat.

4. Perform the Right Number of Repetitions

Said number depends on your fitness goals. Forfat-burning workouts, lifting the weights must be done for 20-30 repetitions to hit large groups of muscles. You have to take note of two things - first, each set results in harder breathing and, second, each set must be punctuated with as little in-between rest periods (30 second is the recommended period) as possible.

5. Stay Hydrated

As per their nature, fat-burning workouts involve buckets of sweat to be shed. More sweat means more water lost, which equals higher risks for dehydration. And being dehydrated is one of the last things you will want to happen during your workout session as it can lead to side effects like blurry vision, headaches and even cramps. Your workout can then be cut short and, hence, your fat burning goals may be compromised.

6. Go on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

As it is abbreviated in fitness circle,HIIT definitely hits the spot toward more efficient and effective fat-burning workout sessions. Take note that HIIT allows the body to burn fat faster during the workout session and then acts as the catalyst to let it continue burn fat even while at rest for days after the workout!

7. Perform Supersets

If you areweight training, you can burn more calories and fat by doing supersets. This is actually the counterpart of HIIT in cardio work. Supersets mean performing the weight routines in a faster manner and with lesser rest periods between the sets and repetitions. The goal is to keep your heart rate up all throughout the workout session.

8. Slow Down on the Negative Stroke of the Reps

This is similar to HIIT in that your body is still burning fat even when it is at rest and for days after the workout, at that. Basically, you will choose at least one set of the bigcompound exercises to use the 1½ seconds up and then 4 seconds down tempo.

9. End Each Workout with a Target-Muscle Exercise

The last set of the exercises for each body part must consist of one set of continuous-tension exercise for at least 12 controlled reps. These moves include isolation exercises like pushdowns for triceps, leg extensions for quads, and cable crossovers for chest.

10. Short Cardio Session After the Weight Workout

To keep yourheart rate up and to speed up the fat-burning process, we suggest doing 15 minutes of cardio workout immediately after weight training has ended. You will then be taking advantage of burning off virtually all of the sugar in your bloodstream even with just a few minutes on the cardio.

Indeed, if you want to burn fat faster, your workout must be a combination of cardio and strength training exercises down with the abovementioned tips on one hand and diet tips on the other hand.

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