My Post Workout Drink

by Hari Pranav

Hi fellow bodybuilders

I would like to share my views on drinking milk after working out.I can't afford to buy supplements so I drink milk instead. Many have a misconception that milk does not digest easily and it will not support muscle gain, but I was surprised with the results, my triceps grew from 9in to 9.5 in just 2 workouts!!!
I don't discourage supplements but milk works good as well.

-----How to Create a Post Workout Drink

In order to build muscles, you need to be able to give your body the building blocks from which to build the tissues. These building blocks come from the foods we eat in form of the nutrients that are obtained upon digestion of the food.

Post workout shakes represent one of the ways to get your body the necessary nutrients that it needs in way that is easily digested and absorbed into the bloodstream for use by your body. They provide the immediate needs of the body so that the body can start using it before your get to eat a whole meal which digests much more slowly.

Ingredients to produce a post workout drink

The ingredients that are needed to make a good post workout drink should consist of the different food groups that are needed for the body. These include a soluble protein source, water to rehydrate and some fruits for sugars and substance.
The protein source is usually obtained from whey which is a concentrated source of protein that is readily digested and absorbed for use in the muscle. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and are an essential component of the workout drink.

You need to add a carbohydrate source. Quick oats are easily digested and getting quick oats that are already ground are ideal for adding into shakes as they will be dissolved in the water and not sediment. They will also flow easily.
Water is another important component. The other ingredients are dissolved in it and mixed, and water also serves for replenishing that which was lost during exercise in sweat. Some people use milk instead of water. However milk contains proteins and some fat and helps people to increase in weight if they are skinny and need the increased weight for weight training.

You might make your shake more interesting by adding ground fruits or concentrates that have vitamins and minerals.


• Get a shaker and put the required quantity of water or milk. Putting the water first prevents the added components from forming a clump at the bottom.
• Add whey and oats in the quantities that you require. A 4:1 composition has been noted to be normal, but you can also follow the instructions on dosage from the container.
• Add the fruits juice of choice, close the shaker and then shake vigorously and put in your exercise bag.

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Jun 24, 2008
by: Anonymous

Why dont you drink chocolate milk? more protein in it ;) except if you want to lose fat ( low fat milk is better )

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