Simple Kickboxing Routines for fitness and cardio training

Here are two simple yet effectiveKickboxing routines which will help you develop power in your legs, arms and burn calories at the same time. Fitness with defense training together.

Front Kicks

Here I will explain how to do a front kick with your rear leg. Remember front can either be offensive or defensive depending on if you use your front or rear leg to kick the target.

Target - Punching Bag

Stance - Your side of the body faces the punching bag and you take a shoulder width apart stance with your knees slightly bent.

Kick - This kick is towards the targets left side and its best to start at a level same as that of your raised foot. Later you can raise you can develop flexibility to hit the target at or near his/her head but for beginners its best to start at lower levels.

Now pivoting you right leg extend your left leg and simply kick.

Since your aim here is to have an effective workout and not to defeat the opponent, its best to keep the kicks to a repetition limit of 10. It helps protect the supporting leg.

More Kickboxing Routines coming soon.

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