How to get started with Kickboxing today - Beginners Kickboxing Guide

Does Kickboxing sound intimidating? Then you can easily master some basic moves quickly with these start-up tips. Also includes beginners guide to kickboxing.

Kickboxing can be a little intimidating and awkward at first simply because the moves it involves are new and strange.

A Beginners Guide to safe and effective Kickboxing Workouts

  1. First key to remember is to realize that there is no competition. You want to start easy and then progress from there.
  2. Wear loose fitting clothes which allows freedom for your arms and legs to move. Also shoes should provide support to your ankles.
  3. An adequate warm up will properly prepare your muscles and joints for the workout. If your instructor does not help you with one, you can certainly visit the stretching and warm up section here.
  4. Make sure you have adequate space for all your upper and lower body moves.
  5. Start initially with only upper body or lower body kicks, jabs or punches. You can later progress to combining upper body strikes with lower body kicks.
  6. Keep within your normal Range of Motions - No extending elbows or legs beyond their normal ROM.
  7. Drink plenty of water throughout your workout. You should take breaks from kickboxing moves and take the time to drink water, stretch a little and take rest.
  8. Start with a frequency of once or twice a week building up thereon and do not forget to add other cross training activities like stepping, hiking or simply walking/jogging.

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