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So Which Are the Best Weight Training Programs for Men and How to Select The Right One for You? This is a common question I get.

Men train differently from women and for different reasons. So Weight Training Programs for men should be Muscle Building and Fat Burning for Lean and Strong Body.

Experience has shown that some men that engage in strength training do so in an inappropriate manner. They just engage in strength training and perform exercises haphazardly that may develop then in an incorrect manner.

It is common to see the guy with overgrown and well built arms, but with a flabby midsection and untrained legs. This can even be dangerous and there is a possibility of developing pains in the waist and the legs might not be developed enough to support the upper frame that has been well developed.

Before I give you free weight training programs, please check these reviewed weight training programs for men.

1.Muscle Building Program for Teens and Bodybuilders
2. Fat Burning and Muscle Gaining Weight Training Program
3. Over 40 Muscle Fitness Program.

The three best weight training programs for men are programs that are meant to unite these parts of the body in exercise to make sure that the whole body develops as a whole unit. Whether the training program is for one day a week or spread over two weeks, they must be directed to different parts of the body at any one time.

A weight training program to build muscle mass  must include the following exercises or their variations on a consistent basis;

  1. The Quadriceps: Squats
  2. The Hamstrings: Romanian Dead lift
  3. The Calves: Standing Calf Raise
  4. The Chest (and upper body in general): Bench Press
  5. The Back Width: Pull Ups, Rows
  6. The Shoulders: Overhead Press
  7. The Biceps: Alternate Curls
  8. The Triceps: Dips
  9. The Forearms: Pinwheel Curls

You must progressively increase the weights of these exercises at each training session. This is what enables muscle build up.

weight training program for men is the program used for building strength. This should include Squats, Dead lifts, chest presses, and curls. The difference here is that you need to do the repetitions faster and the load is medium. Here you can focus on just training the upper body in one session, the abs in another and the lower body in another session.

For an all round strength training program, a circuit training program can be most beneficial. Here the trainee gets to do different exercises in one exercise session. They can involve in exercises that train the different parts of the body in one exercise session, training the upper body, and the lower body in quick successions with small periods of rest in between.


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