Upper Chest Exercises & Workouts without Weights & Free Weights

Create a chest workout that suits your goals

Most people will consider chest workouts to entail the strict performance of the bench press. This is a partially accurate assessment.

While it is true that the bench press is an important exercise to perform when seeking to develop the chest, the common supine bench press only works the middle chest region.

The chest muscles in the lower and upper chest need to be worked out as well. The upper chest, in particular, is often neglected and this is unfortunate.

Invest in a solid chest training program

Instead of making this common oversight, it would be a much wiser plan to invest in a solid workout program that targets the upper chest. This would aid in developing the much needed symmetry that the upper torso will require in order to maintain a proper aesthetic look. Of course, the additional development of the upper chest will enhance strength in the upper torso as well.

There are basically two ways to enhance the upper chest muscles. You can employ a free weight workout or you can use bodyweight exercises. Both can definitely deliver solid results although those hoping to develop a great deal of mass will find free weights to be the better choice.

For those interested in a decent upper chest workout, here are two examples of free weight and bodyweight upper chest workouts.

Free Weight Chest Workout


The following is a basic version of an upper chest workout. Those that may feel their upper chest is lagging behind in development will find this workout does help provide gains. 

This workout can be performed once or twice a week. Anything more could lead to overtraining. Cable crossovers will commonly be employed as a finishing exercise. For those that wish to make this workout a little more challenging could perform the flyes at the beginning of the workout until failure and then switching to the incline press immediately thereafter.

The last set of the presses should be performed to failure. This will kick in the muscle growth component of the exercises significantly.

It also would be wise to experiment the angles of the incline press. This will target the muscles from all manner of different angles, which further enhances their growth potential.

Bodyweight Upper Chest Workout


Can you develop the chest to a significant degree with bodyweight exercises? You most certainly can and many have done so in the past. For those looking for a reliable bodyweight exercise designed to enhance the upper chest, the following workout will help tremendously. 

  • Incline Pushups
  • Wide Hand Position Pushups
  • Standing Flye Motion Arm Exercises
  • Circling Arm Motions with Dynamic Tension
  • Hand in Palm Pressing with Dynamic Tension
  • Clasped Hand Pulls with Dynamic Tension 

1. Incline pushups entail performing pushups with your legs elevated on an object. Wide hand positioning pushups and fly motions arm exercises are self-explanatory.

2. Circling arm motions with dynamic tension entails circling the arms lateral to the body which contracting the muscles in the chest as you do so. Placing your fist in your palm out in front of your upper chest and pressing in both directions will stimulate the muscles in the chest.

The same is true of the hand pulls as well.

Sets, Reps and Training Tips

The number of reps you perform of all these exercises will be based on your current levels of fitness and muscular endurance. You can take part in these workouts two to three days per week. However, you will not develop the same mass you would as would be the case with free weights. You might notice that you do become quite cut in a relatively short period of time and your isometric strength increases.

Once you have developed a truly ripped and muscular upper chest, you will discover why it is never a wise plan to ignore the development of the upper chest. Even with a fairly simple workout, you will discover decent gains can be acquired.

The exercises listed herein could prove to be a great help in this regard.

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