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A Review of the Best and Worst Bodybuilding and Weight Loss Supplements. Must read if you want to spend money only the ones that works.

Thousands of Bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts spends a fortune on training supplements. But only a handful have been carefully researched and are known to produce any measurable results.

So if you are keen to use supplements to improve your physique then you have to ensure that your supplements are useful, with no side-effects and not temporary result producing.

Fortunately there are few supplements which work and will give you the edge you need in the gym. I have used dozens of supplements and I must say that only a few impressed me. The others not only left a hole in my pocket but also lots of wasted time and effort.

I hope you will learn from my mistakes.

For the sake of convenience in terms of goals, I have divided the supplement reviews in to 2 groups - Muscle Building Supplements and Weight Loss Supplements.

Remember I do NOT sell anything at but rather review it for you!

A few points on Supplements Usage

  • Do not use a supplement intended to be used only for a few weeks on the program. You should use a supplement that you can use for all your life and continue to see its results every week!
  • Research every supplement you want to use. I have done this for you, but in case any supplement is missing please let me know.
  • Use supplements only if your 3 meals a day are set in stone. There is no substitute only supplementation to your present diet remember.

Weight Loss Supplements

The Weight Loss Industry thrives on instant gratification claims. Supplements not approved by FDA, supplements not tested for more than 2 weeks or worse supplements not even tried on humans! seem to be all around us.

But there are a few ones that when added to proper training and diet, do give you a distinct edge in your Weight Loss Goals.

Here are the best Weight Loss Supplements.

Muscle Building Supplements

Mesomorphs on steroids are not uncommon promoting supplements they rarely use. Also they do not say the miracle supplement they use - Testosterone and Growth Hormone!

But there are few supplements which promote muscle growth, prevent muscle breakdown and help build muscle mass faster.

Here the best Muscle Building Supplements.

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Commonly Asked Training Supplements Questions and Answers - FAQs

1. Are dietary supplements dangerous?

In the past, dietary supplements on the market had some truly dangerous products. Today, the FDA has taken many tremendous steps forward to decreasing the presence of risky products on the market. Taking supplements in the proper manner will also reduce the potential for risks. However, you cannot say for 100% certainty all supplements are safe.

2. Are dietary supplements safe?

Supplements that have been cleared by the FDA come with a reasonable assumption of safety. That said, you do also need to take supplements as they are intended to be taken, you will enhance the odds of safety.

3. Are diet supplements safe?

Good quality supplements that are known for being safe have been well established to be safe. Look toward FDA approved supplements and stick with those supplements in the proper amount as recommended.

4. Where can I compare diet supplements?

Your best bet would be to go online and look towards legitimate resources that do make honest comparisons of products and are not aligned with any manufacturers nor are seeking to promote any supplements on their own.

5.Are dietary supplements bad for you?

Any dietary supplement that is taken in excess will not work to the benefit of your health. Any supplement that does not go under proper rigorous FDA safety regulations could potentially be bad for you.

6. Do dietary supplements work?

High quality supplements produced by name brand manufacturers most definitely do work. Stick with those name brands that have been produced by major manufacturers and have been well reviewed.

7.Best weight lifting supplements that are close to steroids?

Many of the products that have been dubbed being close to steroids have been removed from the market. For many, the best mass builders on the market are creatine and simple protein supplements.

8.What supplements should people over 50 take?

DHEA is frequently considered one of the best supplements for older people and those over 50 are constantly marketed towards with this product. Of course, the simple multivitamin and fish oil are quite helpful as well.

9.Are vitamin supplements really necessary?

They are most definitely necessary when you are deficient in a certain vitamin. You don't want vitamin deficiencies which is why taking such supplements is a wise move.

10.How to take bodybuilding supplements?

Basically, you want to take the supplements as directed. Different supplements will have different requirements in terms of how you take them. No matter how you take bodybuilding supplements, you want to take them as directed in order to maximize their value.

11. What are some different dietary supplements?

To list all top dietary supplements would be a little tough in a sort FAQ. The most popular supplements are protein sources, weight gainers, fat burners, creatine, and appetite suppressants.

12. Is bodybuilding supplements available in India?

Bodybuilding supplements are available all over the world. Those that live in India could surely find them in stores or at the very least can be ordered online for delivery.

13. Weight loss supplements health how to loose weight?

Weight loss supplements that have high stimulants in them can be dangerous. Those that use natural appetite suppressants have less risk. No matter what weight loss supplements you use, use them carefully to avoid any adverse reactions.

14.What are the best brands of dietary supplements?

There are almost to many to list. Weider, MuscleTech, MetRx, and Twin Labs are among the top supplement makers on the market.

15.Am I taking too many supplements?

That may very well be the case. The body can only handle so much. If your supplement usage is too high you may feel ill. If this is the case - stop. Overdoing it with certain

16.How to monitor nutritional supplements?

By monitor, if you mean whether or not you are seeing progress, give the supplement a decent amount of time (a few weeks) and see if your intended goals are being reached.

17.Organic food herbal food brain food vitamin and mineral supplements are they efficacious and safe?

Yes, organic food is dereft of a lot of the bad items and processed ingredients found foods that are nonorganic or herbal. When it comes to vitamins and minerals, be wary about how much you take to avoid adverse reactions.

18.What supplements are needed for lean muscle gain?

Without a doubt, protein supplements would be the most important to develop lean muscle mass. Protein is the building block of all muscle. You simply cannot build or repair muscle without proper protein supplementation.

19.How to get free food supplements for my family?

One way to do this would be to write to the manufacturer or the distributor and ask for free samples. You may get a few very positive responses.

20.Natural supplements to help swelling in legs?

This will depend upon the cause of the swelling. If it is from water retention, natural water pills might reduce the problem.

21. Vitamins & supplements how much is too much?

Anytime you take more than the daily recommended dosage, you are taking too much. If you take far in excess of the recommended daily dosage, you run the risk of threatening your life. No, that is not an exaggeration.

22. How and when to take supplements?

23. How to take calcium supplements?

Calcium supplements can be taken in the morning in capsule or chewable tablet form. There are liquid forms that can be taken in a spoonful. Often, this is taken with breakfast or, at the very least, a full glass of water.

24.What are anabolic supplements?

Anabolic supplements would be those supplements that enhance the body's anabolic stage. The anabolic stage would be the time when the body does build muscles and grow them. Such supplements can make this stage longer.

25.What are the worst herbal supplements?

Those herbal supplements that don't work are among the worst. The most ominous ones would be extreme stimulants such as ma huang (ephedra) which is notorious for the extreme risk it presents to those that take it.

26.What other ingredients are usually found with papaya supplements?

This varies from supplement to supplement. Some may contain pure papaya and others might be stacked with other ingredients.

27.What supplements do I need to take to burn fat during weight training?

Many will look towards fat burners which are stimulants that aid in boosting metabolic function which, in turn, helps burn fat. That said, you always need to be mindful of the less than desirable side effects of fat burners.

28.Are chewable calcium supplements better absorbed?

Most will say the liquid form would be the best form in terms of the ability to absorb calcium. However, the chewable form is a good one as well which is why it is recommended.

29.Are fish oil supplements okay for children?

Fish oil is actually found in many baby food supplements which would indicate safety. That said, there are serious concerns regarding overdosing, adverse allergic reactions, and other problems that lead parents to avoid giving such a supplement to children. Really, the jury is out on the safety of fish oil for children.

30. Can protein supplements hurt the liver?

If you overdo it with protein supplements you can potentially damage the liver. The risk to the kidneys could even be more severe.

31.Do amino acid supplements count toward daily protein intake?

Yes, the amino acid supplements most definitely count towards daily protein intake. They do serve different functions that other protein supplements and are most helpful to those that workout a lot.

32. How are digestive enzyme supplements made?

Digestive enzymes are found naturally in the pancreas and the intestines. Supplement forms of these enzymes may be extracted from amino acids or other sources.


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