Top 10 Teen Workout Tips

The teenage years are monumental in the formation of an individual's self image; unfortunately, this is also the time for major hormonal upheavals in the body as it transitions from the childhood phase towards youth.

It is common for a lot of teens to be faced with the problem of sudden weight gain or even acne which can have a huge impact on their social life. Understandably,most teenagers regard their physical appearance as a large part of their social charm, so you if are a teen who is struggling with a weight problem or would just like to stay and look fit, here are the top 10 teen workout tips.

Tip # 1: Start right at home:

You do not have to frequent the gym to have a toned physique; since your body is still developing, you simply do not need some of the equipment that is commonly stocked in gyms. Starting a well plannedexercise routine at home can prove to be more helpful than a sweaty hour spent at the gym just aspiring to do what the grown ups around you are doing.

As a matter of fact, a lot of boring chores that you so detest can actually help you to lose weight and tone your muscles. This includes going up and down the stairs, folding clothes, mowing the lawn, playing with your siblings or pet and even taking the dog out for a walk. So, do not shy away from physical activity.

Tip # 2: Get an exercise plan ready:

Your teen exercise routine should include a healthy combination ofaerobics,cardio,strength andflexibility training that gives you a whole body workout. Cardio can include running or simply walking to the school while pilates, Tai Chi and yoga are great for building flexibility and core strength without unduly taxing the growing muscles.

Tip # 3: Make things interesting:

Regardless of your age exercising is no fun; it is essential to keep things interesting so that you can encourage yourself to workout day after day. Most experts recommend that teens should indulge in any form of physical activity that they enjoy to keep fit. If you do not particularly enjoy sports, you can always choosedance aerobics or even hiking all of which are a great for toning your body while you have loads of fun.

Tip # 4: Realistic goals

It is also crucial to set realistic goals when incorporating a workout regimen in your lifestyle. It is imperative to understand that you are not going to lose weight or develop muscles overnight.

So, the best approach is to write down your fitness goals with the physical activity that you intend to undertake to meet it. Check them off as you continue; it is essential to write your goals in small achievable chunks, and you will be astounded at how quickly you can get results.

Tip # 5: Get your friends involved

Keeping yourself motivated is the most important factor of an efficient exercise routine, and one of the best ways to do so is to get your friends involved.

Whether you are taking dancing lessons or working out in the gym or simply following a routine of push ups at home, getting your friends to workout along with you can make things fun and will greatly motivate you.

When working out at home with your friends even a basic exercise routine that includes push ups and sit ups and the use of a Swiss ball can yield rave results. Pilates are also very efficacious and can help you to build core muscle strength.

Tip # 6: Learn things the right way

Whether you are working out at home or at the gym, it is crucial to learn the proper exercise techniques; these are the foundation of any workout regimen or amuscle building program. Learning things the wrong way can not only mar the efficacy of the exercise but may also prove detrimental to your health. Also, it is crucial to realize the importance of stretching early on. You need to stretch even when you lift; it helps to increase flexibility as your muscles grow.

Tip # 7: Heading to the Gym

If you are set to take your first step into the gym, it is essential to come mentally and physically prepared. It is also vital to enlist the help of the gym staff who will be able to guide you on the proper use of the various exercise equipments and routines. Ideally, you should start with machine based weights before progressing to routines that use free weights like dumbbells or barbells. It would be best todesign a workout program that targets all the muscles in the body on the same day.

Tip # 8: Nutrition is very important

Nutrition plays a vital role in helping you achieve your fitness goals; it is the fuel that your body needs to keep going, so starving yourself is not going to help you lose weight albeit it will certainly make you very sick.

It is also essential to understand that your body needs all the important food groups including carbs and fats, so there is no need to simply eliminate a food group from your diet just because you want to lose weight or to drastically increase your protein intake in order to build muscles.

Yourteen fitness diet should include a wholesome amount of vegetables, fruits, proteins, some healthy fats, carbs; however, try not to binge on junk food and sugar laden eatables and drinks.

Tip # 9: Do you really need supplements?

Your body is still growing in the teen years and you should stay away from the harder supplements that are more appropriate for adults. Instead choosehigh quality supplements that give you vital nutrients such as Omega 3 fish oils, multi vitamin and protein powder.

Tip # 10: Do not overwork your body:

Finally, it is essential to rest your body in between your workout days. Ideally, you should not exercise for more than three days a week and limit each workout session to no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Taking a days break in between workout sessions will give your muscleenough time to rest, heal and rebuild. It is also vital to remember that you should never target just a single muscle group; choosing a program that targets all the major muscle groups thrice a week is all it will take to keep you fit and healthy. Recommends - Building Muscle Program

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